How to Teach a Lie in America

As a former teacher I am proud to say that I would NEVER teach in a US school again because of all the lies and propaganda taught there.

I know from my sources that:

1. You cannot teach ‘conspiracy theory/ideas.‘  Which means you can’t teach any existing view points beyond what the brainwashed see on main stream media and

2. the education system is being so dumbed down that those in the top tier are being subjected to the humiliating feat of trying to get those in a lower tier to rise to the occasion (Meaning like read a book or something idiots) instead of moving to the force and front of their potential.

Yes, we have Common Core to thank for that. Amazing that ignorant  Boy Bush would come to the front for that cause. He is the poster child. And had a Yale Education.

ie I also think that is one reason that the CIA/FBI/Mafia  brought drugs into black communities, was/is a way to keep people down and spinning in a downward spiral of unrecognized potential of their consciousness and education.  The dark art  magicians that they are.

Oh, and the funny thing is that I was taught that we should teach ‘critical thinking skills’ in teacher training courses in college.

What a bunch of lies taught by the universities. Those vanguards of higher thought and learning.

My advice to future teachers. Get out as fast as you can. Or teach in the prisons where people are have some life experience and are more intelligent.



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