Before Gilgo Beach there was the Holly Maddux Murder

The Gilgo Beach serial murders included a girl named Shannan Gilbert. In fact it was the discovery of her body in a marsh which led to the discovery of ten other bodies along Ocean Parkway in Long Island. Authorities said her murder was unrelated to the other serial murder victims found along Ocean Parkway. (1)

On 48 Hours, an investigative journalism show, Shannan Gilbert’s mother states: Long Island is “an evil dirty place.” What she said about Oak Beach applies to most of the east end: “It’s isolated. It’s desolate. It’s a rich community. You’ve got doctors and cops and very very wealthy people who live there. No one’s ever going to think that that’s a bad dangerous area. But it is.”

“Shortly after making that statement on national TV she would be murdered by her other daughter, Shannan’s sister, who is said to be insane but appeared perfectly normal in the show. Her murder effectively ended the media investigation which Shannon’s mother had started into the blatant police cover up of her daughters and most likely the eleven other murders. (2)

In a 911 call Shannan is heard talking to her driver:

Shannan Gilbert: You’re being sarcastic.

Michael Pak: About what?

Shannan Gilbert: About this…You are a part of this all along.

Michael Pak: I just met him just now…


The 911 calls that Shannan had made were previously not released to the public by law enforcement officials.  Much of the tape in the released calls is garbled and impossible to hear.

“The murdered call girl Shannon Gilbert’s Asian driver had taunted her while she was on the phone with police and cowering behind a couch sobbing that they were going to kill her. He asked her if she had ever watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The movie is based on a book by Hunter Thompson.  It references the harvesting of Adrenochrome from dead babies and its used as an agent to contact interdimensional entities.  It’s all right there on the twenty plus long 911 recording, a confession from right out of the mouth of their paid coolie as to just how far elitism has been carried in the twenty-first century.  But maybe that’s why the police are withholding the recording.” (4)

Like Shannan Gilbert, Holly Maddux was also on Fire Island shortly before her demise.

Holly Maddux was in a long term relationship with Ira Einhorn, the originator of “Earth Day”, but shortly before her death she had apparently met a man, Saul Lapidus, and, according to him, had a ‘magical romance.’  They had met on Fire Island and spent the next three or four weeks sailing around on his sailboat. (5)

Ira Einhorn and Saul Lapidus shared an intriguing web of personal relationships. During their ‘magical romance’ Lapidus divulged to Holly that his ex-wife had been to the apartment to visit with Ira Einhorn.  And Holly had told him that she was kicked out of the apartment when Lapidus’ ex-wife, Hilda Brown, had come to visit. Lapidus said he had no idea how his wife knew Einhorn. (6) Yet in an earlier account he said that he knew Ira Einhorn because his wife had had an affair with him. (7)

Ira Einhorn and Saul Lapidus were also friends and business partners with Andrija Puharich.  An Atomic Energy Scientist had introduced Einhorn to Puharich, and the two become good friends eager to promote Uri Geller, the Israeli psychic, as a catalyst for their ‘paradigm shift’ in the world.  Concerning his mentor Puharich, Einhorn stated that “he had practically lived in mind-link with Andrija for six years.  Puharich also founded Intelectron Corporation, a medical electronics business. (8) Saul Lapidus had once been an executive of Intelectron Corp. (9)

All three men knew Joyce Petschek, a wealthy woman interested in the paranormal, who also had a house on Fire Island.  She was also the companion of Puharich for awhile and was a participant in the Space Kids experiment which involved Uri Geller and Puharich. (10) The Space Kids experiment reportedly involved intensive hypnosis and trauma based mind control. (11)

One of the last places that Holly Maddux had been staying was on Fire Island with Joyce Petschek.  When she disappeared and her family contacted Peschek, Peschek wrote a letter addressed to “Fred Maddock”, an obvious misspelling of his last name, Maddux, and said that if he wanted to know where Holly was he should contact Petschek’s friend, Marshall Lever, who was a transmedium and could do a ‘transmission’ as to where his daughter was.  The Maddux’s then contacted Lever and he said he was about to leave on a trip and would contact them.  He never did. (12) Yet later Petschek told an investigator that Lever had done a “reading” on Holly and had determined that she had gone to India.  She also refused to submit to an interview with investigators.(13)

Around the time that Holly Maddux disappeared, Puharich called Saul Lapidus and asked if he had seen a manuscript on the Space Kids that he had given to Maddux to read.  Lapidus told him she had left it on his boat. (14)

On April 4, 1979, Einhorn told Greg Walter, a Philadelphia Magazine reporter that he had bought the trunk where the mummified corpse of Holly Maddux was found after he had got back from London, right around the time Holly had disappeared. (15) He would explain the buying of this trunk was to put “…secret documents that the CIA would kill for in a couple of years.” (16)

In 1978 when investigators began to close in on those closest to Holly Maddux and their paranormal circle, Andrija Puharich’s house at 87 Hawkes Avenue, Ossining, New York burned down.  The house was located about forty miles downriver of Esopus Island, where over a half a century before Aleister Crowley had performed the Amalantrah Working. (17) This was the house where he performed his psychic research and “Space Kids” experiments.

After he was convicted of the murder of Holly Maddux, Einhorn stated that Puharich was involved in Frank Olsen’s death.  Olsen was involved with the CIA and military complex in biological and chemical weapons research and wanted out.  Olsen had allegedly divulged classified information to members in his car pool. (18) Perhaps Einhorn said this to implicate Puharich in Maddux’s murder.  After all, if he could plot to get rid of Frank Olsen, why not Holly Maddux?


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The North Fox Island Frances Shelden Angle


Frances Shelden was an extremely wealthy Michigan businessman who was involved in an international pedophile ring. He was allowed to flee the country, because law enforcement looked the other way and was apparently too busy to investigate him and his pedophile connections regarding North Fox Island. He decided to disappear when he realized he was going to be questioned regarding these crimes.

He was protected at the very highest levels of the government, most likely the CIA type level.

Rodney Stichs (who had his bio deleted by Wikipedia) discusses financial CIA operations with an agent:

“Another of the many confidential sources with whom I had contact was Trenton Parker who played a key role in CIA activities in the Caribbean.

To qualify Parker for use in financial operations, the CIA obtained employment for him with New York Stock Exchange brokerage firms from 1971 until 1974 in California and Colorado. While in those positions, he supplied confidential information to the CIA on customers’ accounts and transactions. Eventually he opened his own brokerage firm as a front for the CIA through the SEC and NASD.

This is similar to the operation described to me by CIA operative Gunther Russbacher in which Russbacher received training at Mutual Life Insurance Company and then incorporated and operated a number of CIA financial institutions headquartered in Missouri. These institutions had offices throughout the United States including Denver, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Traverse City, Michigan.”

Why Traverse City? Traverse City is a small community on Lake Michigan (the area has grown extensively.) This small influential community appears to be a hub for various illicit things. Like perhaps acting as financial conduit for things going on in the immediate area. The Petoskey/Charlevoix area, where Shelden owned a home, is a stone’s throw away from Traverse City.

“I keep forgetting that these crimes and the N. Fox Island crimes took place under the watch of not only L. Brooks Patterson and Oakland County local law enforcement, but also on the watch of Michigan A.G. Frank Kelley and Governor William Milliken (native of Traverse City).

It is a interesting to note that there is/was a huge psychiatric hospital in Traverse City (its since been turned into stores, offices, etc.) that employed many people in the town back in the day.

Then there is the curious fact that James Dudley Ramsey, father of John Ramsey, and grandfather to JonBenet Ramsey, was head of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission from 1957 until 1979.  This was the period that Shelden had the airstrip constructed and was flying both children and pedophile clients to North Fox Island.

Sources Cited:


The OCCK Psychic

Doug Wilson and the OCCK Case

Psychological Operations and the OCCK Case

Political Pedophile Blackmail Networks

The Secret History of John Bennet Ramsey

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Blackmail Pedophile Rings: Epstein, Trump, Derschowitz etc….

The perversion of innocence and ruining of lives

The kind you have with young teenagers. Who is this man?  This man is Jeffrey Epstein. Have you heard of this man?

Jeffrey Epstein’s Plane
Jeffrey Epstein’s Island

My friends, this man, got away with destroying hundreds of young girls lives. You must read about him. Imagine if one of these girls was your daughter.  How would you feel? Don’t we have a duty to protect these girls?

Somewhere in the Bible we have some verse that talks about an eye for an eye. There must be justice. We no longer have justice in the United States of America, if we ever did. This man, Jeffrey Epstein, had, and has, some very powerful friends. Among them not only include our bizarre president, Donald Trump. But Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor, who not only flew, like Donald Trump, to Epstein’s pervert private island to, most likely, have sex with teenagers, but then also defended the disgusting pedophile pervert, Jefferey Epstein, in court.

Alan Dershowitz

My friends, do you not think this is beyond bizarre? We must do something about it. Why do we have a justice system that only works for the rich, like Jeffery Epstein? And then puts everyone else in jail over mainly drug charges (heroin) that the CIA ships over in planes from Afghanistan to get us addicted. Is this not messed up? You bet it is!

It must stop and we must speak the truth about it. Whenever we can. Do not be afraid my friends, God is with you. And loves the truth, and justice. Like you should.

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