We Want YOU!

My fellow Americans, do you recognize the pose borrowed from Uncle Sam urging you to sign up for the military?

Uncle Sam wants you, as an American, to be a patriot.  That’s all fine and good Yankee Doodle Dandee, but how do you define patriot?

Americans have always been 1. A bunch of Puritans  2. A bunch of farmers 3. A handful of Cowboys, and 4. Unclassified

You decide.

What makes a democracy?

At the heart of this country is supposed to be equality.  We are supposed to open our arms to ALL people, of all races and creeds.

That works all very well hypothetically.

Ex slaves couldn’t vote until 1867, and after that they had to deal with Jim Crow laws until the 1960’s.  And there after.

And did you know that in the US women couldn’t vote until 1920?  Apparently we should be stuck in the kitchen making biscuits or something.  Something useful.  Because we couldn’t vote.  So we might as well make biscuits.  And content ourselves with that.

Or the fact that our husbands do not beat us anymore.  Thank you Vered, of Mom Grind, for that lovely 1950’s ad advising us not to bore our husbands.

Lately I have been pissed off.  And those of you who know me well know when I get on my flaming horse I burn the house down!

But, like David Byrne of Talking Heads says on the song, “Burning Down the House,”   “Watch out, you might get what you’re after.”

And thank you, Allison, of Adverse Journalism for having a Messiah Complex and wanting to save the world.  It beats writing about the wonders of nail polish.

I think it all simmers and boils and then explodes.  And I think we can all thank Jaden who Writes for Hollywood to blow the lid off.  Yes, Jaden says most screenwriters are Caucasian males.  Around 85%.  Now you know why are movies are boring.  Why we have to wade through 5000 movies to maybe find 2 that we like.  If we’re  lucky.

The point is not that these screenwriter guys are white, but what’s with keeping with the status quo that has left things so unbalanced for so many years?  Whose interests does it serve?

But I think we may change the world.  Because, obviously, the world needs to be changed.

We Want YOU!

I challenge you to examine all your attitudes and how they may affect your writing.  Your art.

Go to.  And be changed.

Photocredit: © Ellen Wilson

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