The Making of Max Spiers

max spiers
Max Spiers. Saint? Sinner? Or something else?

Recently I was banned from the Bases Project on Facebook for criticizing the angelic and apparently recently beatified Max Spiers.


You see, Max Spiers was on his way to becoming Jesus. At least a lot of people thought so.  And apparently still think so.

Max Spiers | Where Truth Meets Heart. “I believe Max Spiers is truly connected with The Christ energy, and he is accessible at any time. I believe you can find him in your heart, you can feel his spirit.”

Max Spiers was/is an intelligent asset heavily handled by British spooks. He was cultivated into a particular personality.

He was paired with Sarah Adams. Kind of like Kim and Kanye. How cute! People can’t resist such a cute couple. I know I’d flip on my my TV to watch them go shopping and talk about UFOs all day long. I’d probably even buy the t-shirt.

There is very little evidence to back up who or what Max really is. Is he really dead?

Always ask the question who does this really serve.  Because in the intelligence game it always serves some agenda.

And if you can believe the Max Spiers game you can believe any false flag they throw at you…Like 9/11, and etc ad infinitum.

This site tells us about some of his acting skills:

“Max quickly fell into drug addiction and alcoholism and Orlando’s career bloomed. Both men also studied drama at the same school in London before Max left for addiction issues and both men also auditioned for the same role Orlando eventually won for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.

Something that Stewart Swerdlow can attest to,  “…To be honest, Max was a bit of a drug addict, alcoholic and chain smoker. Basically, he destroyed his own mind and body. I saw this the last 2 times I was with him. Yes, it is sad, but this had nothing to do with mind-control or Illuminati. It had to do with Max’s addictive personality.”

Max Spiers is/was a pawn in an intelligence game. A low level player trotted out to entertain the masses.

HARD TRUTH: THE ARTICLE | The Tabloid  Culture of the ‘Truth’ Media



In this NEO article we find out about the surveillance state and all of its corporate McShadiness.  A place where, “…charismatic critical thinkers have a higher threat profile than terrorist bomb makers.”

The Live Action Role Play (LARP) Porno Players

James Casbolt aka as Michael Prince and Max Spiers were buddies before Casbolt’s demise…

What did James Casbolt know? 

Apparently some of James Casbolt’s information can be verified. What James Casbolt says about MI6 being the lords of the Global Drug Trade makes perfect sense, especially when you research the connections between the East India Company, opium trafficking, and the British Empire.

‘Opium financed British rule in India’

The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade

Trump, Blackwater and the Butcher of Kabul






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Transhumanists: Morally Challenged and Corporate Funded

The Arrogant Elite and Their Soul Snatchers

The Davos forum participants in the video have glossy gleaming eyes.

Almost like lab rats that get a hit of cocaine in their cage when they do the right thing.



Are they doing the right thing?

They like to talk about lawyers, sociologists and courts. Which raises a BIG red flag.


In the video, dreamy eyed and slightly giddy, they wonder about things like:

“…what the social effects might be as scientists begin to work more with lawyers using technologies like brain mapping…and incorporating those into trials, into the legal system…and having this influence on how social justice is parceled out.”

“If we could get to the point where either you can have an unwilling suspect or an unwilling individual having their brain decoded in some sense…

“legal systems don’t bake in any presumption that we can do that so there’s no legal protections that could be afforded to you.”


Like maybe if you have don’t enough money…And have to get a court appointed attorney?

This is a forum for the rich elite after all…

The problem is is that this technology is already here.  And has been ‘implanted’ or ‘implemented’ by our CIA, DoD, Corporate Fascist Friends.



In Project: Soul Catcher, author Robert Duncan and The Mind Hacking Strategy Group tells us that:

“Human beings are complex machines but their inner workings have been deciphered. Mind control and brainwashing has been perfected in the last 60 years. Hacking computers and hacking into individual minds are similar. The 21st century will be known as the age of spiritual machines and soulless men.”


At the end, the woman in the video states,

My fear is that we won’t be able to keep up with the ways in which we can actually start to access the brain. And if we don’t keep up it will be in many senses too late and I think freedom of thought is one of the most essential parts of diversity in society…divergent thinking…creativity and progress…”

Yeah right. To those who have the most of this:

My fear is that we have a bunch of immoral amoral idiots running things that view us as a bunch of lab rats.  Like the people in the video who kowtow to their oligarch masters.

Yes, the CIA and their DoD friends are completely off the charts.  And if we don’t rein them in with all their Corporate friends, they are going to turn us into whatever robot android sub-species they want.

And the deciding factor will depend on how much money one has.

What good are sovereign nation states if they aren’t composed of sovereign individuals?




Corporations are People Too!

Arizona Wilder; Naval Intelligence; Dolphins; Greys; Area 51

MKUltra Michigan

What is TTIP? And six reasons why the answer should scare you

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