Playland: A Case Study of Grooming and Teenage Prostitution

Anthony Daly, Author of Playland

Playland was an amusement arcade in London, England.  It was an attractive magnet to many homeless youths and runaways who made their way there in search of companionship and employment. One of these youths was Anthony Daly, a young Irish lad who sought to break away from ‘The Troubles’ in Ireland, and begin a new life.

He soon found himself involved in prostitution just to stay alive. There was an organized rent boy (prostitution) racket run from the Playland arcade and a number of arrests were made.  The case came to be known as the Playland trial.

Daly explains that the Playland trial was sandwiched between two other much bigger trials held at the same time, the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six bombing trials. It was a time of hostile relations in Britain towards the Irish community because of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) violence in Britain.  His abusers had him between a rock and a hard place because of this.  He could either do as he was told and have sex with numerous clients his wealthy pimps introduced him to, or as he says, “…be taken to a police cell to have a terrorist confession kicked out of me.”

I embarked on a journey into a very dark realm: a world of drink and drugs, of gangsters and rent boys, of businessmen, politicians, pimps and paedophiles. Because of what happened to me and the fact that I kept a diary at the time, I am in a unique position to tell the real story of Playland.

                                                                           Anthony Daly, Playland



Gordon Bowden, Royal Airforce and mining engineer, whose expertise includes fake oil gas and mining companies, discusses how they launder billions of pounds offshore. This link has been deleted on my website, AND I noticed, the Veterans Today (VT) website, where I got the original video.  Gordon Bowden discusses the biggest organized crime system in the world. Please check the other two videos below if you cannot watch this one directly below on YouTube.  The name of the video is called Gordon Bowden on Bombs, Boiler Rooms & Paedophiles, and you might be able to pull it up on YouTube outside of my website.

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Freemasons Murder Founding Fathers

Kay Griggs, Virginian historical scholar, did some interesting research regarding the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.  (around the 43:00 point in video)

Griggs came up with an original thesis that Thomas Jefferson was a born again Christian the last seven or so years of his life. He was corresponding with John Adams in Massachusetts.

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
John Adams
John Adams

Griggs believes that Jefferson was murdered and it had something to do with the Jew Freemason Kabbalist Admiral Levy who took a mortgage on Jefferson’s house so he could build the University of Virginia.

Admiral Levy
Admiral Levy

Griggs believes the mortgage was a ruse so that he could get Jefferson’s papers, and his correspondence with Adams.

Levy was a weapons dealer and a reserve military officer.

John Paul Jones, the founder of the Navy, was also a Kabbalist, Freemason and a criminal.

John Paul Jones

Lafayette was also a weapons merchant.


Jefferson and Adams were murdered on the same day: July the Fourth. 1826.

An evil demon Freemasonic spell?

According to Griggs, Israel and the Bankers are running guns, Kabbalism, Freemasonry…

Rothschild family owns the Bank of England and leads the European Freemason movement.

George Washington does deals with the Jew Banker Haym Solomon.

It appears that some Founding Fathers were working for the British Elite Banking interests, while some were not, sabotaged, and killed.

Were John Adams and Thomas Jefferson Murdered?

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