Freemasons Trafficking Children in Lancashire, United Kingdom

Carol Woods worked as a senior social worker in Lancashire, United Kingdom. She started to notice indiscrepancies in the case files of where she worked.   When she brought attention to the information she had uncovered she found herself involved in a conspiracy that reached the highest levels of government.  They took her house and they took her to a psychiatric unit multiple times.  She was constantly harassed.  Because she realized how they hold the global freemasonic power matrix in check.

Mike Todd, chief constable of Greater Manchester police, understood the how the evidence fit together and the gravity of the situation. Carol Woods had contacted him on what was going on.  He thereupon died under mysterious circumstances a few weeks later. Michael Todd was respected and very well liked.  Did this situation contribute to his murder?



“I think an awful lot of money, an awful lot of police time, now goes into these historic offences and all this malarkey and you know £60million I saw has been spaffed up the wall on some investigation into historic child abuse?”

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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Bankers Wars: It’s What We do Best

Forget Hitler. Look at the International Bankers and what they really wanted accomplished during WWI and WWII.

The Brits, after being infiltrated by the International Banking Jewry, found themselves floundering economically. Their far flung ’empire’ was expensive to maintain, kind of like Rome was, and Germany was going to usurp them.

Yes, the sun began to set on the British Empire and the City of London needed a plan.

Time to start a war!



The bankers did not like Germany. Germany was going to be a big threat to them in their City of London Demon Financial Complex, so they had to beat it down.


Banker Note Evil Money Majick


What else are you going to do with German art,  Innovation and Engineering that is going to surpass you?  And all you can do is count coins?

F William Engdahl explains:

“At first almost unnoticed after 1850, then with significant intensity after the onset of the Great Depression of 1873 in Britain, the sun began to set on the British Empire. By the end of the 19th Century, though the City of London remained undisputed financier of the world, British industrial excellence was in terminal decline. The decline paralleled an equally dramatic rise of a new industrial Great Power on the European stage, the German Reich. Germany soon passed England in output of steel, in quality of machine tools, chemicals and electrical goods.

Dr Mujahid Kamran continues,

In fact Engdahl makes a very important observation: “One of the better kept secrets of the 1914-1918 world war was that on the eve of August 1914, when Britain declared war against the German Reich, the British Treasury and the finances of the British Empire were in effect bankrupt.”[10] The bankers had all the money and could dictate, whatever they wished, to the British Government. So complete was the hold of the bankers on the British government that British intelligence was headed by bankers in general, or their stooges. The same model is followed by the CIA which developed out of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) set up by Roosevelt in 1942 on the advice of the British intelligence.

“Towards the final decade of the nineteenth century, British banking and political elites had begun to express first signs of alarm over two specific aspects of the impressive industrial development in Germany”.[7] The two factors were the emergence of superior German naval and merchant fleets and the ambitious Berlin-Baghdad railway line which would have taken Germany to the source of oil by land, without any threat from the British navy.

The realization that ships powered by petrol are far more efficient, lighter and faster than the conventional coal driven vessels, and the invention by Daimler, in 1885, of the first petroleum driven motor, made oil the most sought after commodity by military strategists who comprehended its significance. The military importance of oil was not really known outside tiny strategic circles at that time. But that started the oil grab and more than a century of ongoing warfare for oil.”

To sum it all up, Kamran states that:

“One must never forget that the international bankers are one integrated brotherhood, tied by intermarriages and working through secret and overt societies, with a long range target of setting a one world government. War is their main instrument for bringing governments and nations under their increasing control.”


Because all they can do is count coins.

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Arizona Wilder; Naval Intelligence; Dolphins; Greys; Area 51

Naval intelligence mind control programming rituals on US military bases uses a combination of Satanism and dark occult ritual with classified programs involving aliens and technology.

Intel is using a combination of high level psychological warfare to confuse people to what is real.  Or not.

This is so they can control ‘reality.’

Arizona Wilder was a forced participant in these experiments and rituals.  It took her ten years to recover many of her memories.

Naval Intelligence aka Scientology (OTO) & MK-Ultra Applications (China Lake Human Weaponry)


Mind controllers programmers ritual abusers would not keep doing this unless it worked.

It doesn’t matter if they ‘believe’ it or not.


Tavistock: Mind Control for Dummies

“Tavistock, a progressive society, was founded in London in 1920; the Tavistock Clinic opened in 1920. It always had secret ties to British Freemasonry.”


H.G. Wells wrote The Island of Dr Moreau in 1896.  H.G. Wells called his novel “”an exercise in youthful blasphemy.”

The novel is about “…Doctor Moreau, who creates human-like hybrid beings from animals via vivisection.”

H.G. Wells was a member of the Fabian Society.  The Logo of the Fabian Society is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Fabian Society Logo


The Island of Dr. Moreau, 1977 Movie

Human-Animal Chimeras Now Grown On U.S. Research Farms!

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