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Laughing Whitefish Falls, copyright Ellen Wilson

Compassion is like springwater running under the ground.  Your life is like a pipe that can tap into that underground spring.  When you tap into it, water immediately comes up.  So drive your pipe into the ground.  Tap into the water of compassion.  We can’t conceive of what real compassion and openess of heart are, but if you tap into them, you can feel them.  If you learn to deal with your life with compassion, magnanimity, and flexibility, you will become very tender, generous, and kind.  This is all that is necessary.

From:  You Have to Say Something

Dainin Katagiri

So, it seems I’m still here on the shore of Lake Superior, on Isle Royale, quoting Japanese monks.

I never know where this blogging adventure will take me.  The other day I get a new message in my WordPress dashboard.  Oh joy!  I like comments.  It is from Kara, author of Between the Miles,  and she says she doesn’t know if there is any help for herself being an ugly duckling blogger and all.  She is wondering if her words matter.

It seems there are more ugly duckling bloggers than I thought – people not understanding the worth of their words.  Well, when I hear that, it just so happens that it kicks starts Bodhisattva Blogger into action.

I’m not going to kid you, of course blogging is hard.  Look at the recent posts from Melissa Donovan, a fine example of a very well crafted post, and it took her around four hours!  She does this because people read her words and she feels appreciated.  And then there is Monika Mundell, who recently completed a post on freelance query letters.  I can tell she spent a lot of time on this.

But sometimes people bloggers don’t feel appreciated.  And I am beginning to realize, blogging is just as much about being heard, as standing on our blog pedestals and being heard.

We all blog for different reasons, but we all contribute to the conversation.  Blogging is somewhat like the situation we have in the publishing industry:  they’re a lot of great writers out there who should be published, but the big publishing houses choose to back only a handful of their popular writers, because they’re a sure “bet.”  Sure, I like to read Stephen King and Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger, but I also like to read Sherman Alexie and little blogs like mine.

So if you see someone suffering, step in and lend a hand – become a Bodhisattva Blogger.  Give them a comment or two or three or hell, become their FAN!

Thank you very much.

Photocredit: © Ellen Wilson

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