Sun, Sea and Satan Symbolism

Filmmaker Bill Maloney travels to the isle of Jersey and discovers a bizarre secret many people do not want to discuss for fear of their lives. The police are run off the case. There is a conspiracy and cover-up.

The depraved and barbaric elite use symbolism to convey what they enacting with their sacrifices. In one scene of the documentary, the filmmakers drive by a residence where are statues of bird and two small child like figures performing lewd acts with genitalia. The bird is a hawk, and symbolizes Horus, and the aeon of Horus of which the barbaric elite wish to summon by their depraved acts with children.

There is another scene where the filmmakers discover a strange looking idol or statue in a window of Saint Xavier Psychiatric Hospital. The skeleton type figure has a plastic looking apple around its neck. The apple symbolizes Adam and Eve’s fall from paradise in the Biblical tradition. The apple around the neck signifies the chain to this reality. This knowledge of good and evil has brought them to this point, and since they have been expelled from the Biblical paradise, they are destined to be used as inert matter by this barbaric elite who feel they are their betters.


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