Hillary Clinton; Madeline Albright; Dead Iraqis; Bernie Sanders; NATO

Here we see evilly Madeline Albright instruct women to vote for Hillary. Because she has their backs.

Maybe to have a bunch of kids for the evilly US War machine is what she means. She is a completely evil woman.

But apparently she doesn’t care about these women or children.


“In its endorsement of Hillary, the New York Times editorial board did such a sloppy job I can’t help but think it may have done permanent damage to its brand. Upon reading it, my initial conclusion was that the editorial board was either suffering from Stockholm syndrome or merely concerned about losing advertising revenues should they endorse Sanders. Then I thought some more and I realized my initial conclusions were wrong. Something else is going on here, something far more subtle, subconscious and illuminating. The New York Times is defending the establishment candidate simply because the New York Times is the establishment.”



Evilly Hillary Clinton is currently trying to out compete evilly Madeline Albright in who can kill lie cheat the most people.  Because let’s face it, the ends or justifies the means to these soulless sociopathic people.

They have sold their souls to this:


Yes, Virginia. There is a special place in hell for these two. Women.

Is Bernie Sanders a Warmonger?

Bernie Sanders on NATO

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