The Power of Perspective in Photography

Famous landmarks – the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Queen Elizabeth, have been photographed from the same angle – the same way, so many times you almost expect it.  They are iconic.  And when something is iconic it seems almost like sacrilege to view it any other way.

This is one of the reasons Annie Liebowitz wanted Queen Elizabeth to take off her crown.

Before you get off the bus and stop at that spot labeled “scenic view” convince your self you will do one better.  Convince yourself of the power of perspective.

My greatest regret in taking pictures in Yellowstone National Park was not getting shots of the people acting like idiots around the animals.  Sure I got some great wildlife shots.  But how often do you see people interacting with large animals in the most memorable of ways?  Grown men with children on their shoulders approaching bull elk of within distances of 8 feet in order to take a picture.  Women and children running in and out of a group of cow elk with calves.

I missed the power of perspective.  I was not thinking like a photo journalist.

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