OCCK and the Black Dahlia Cases

There are many similarities between the OCCK and the Black Dahlia cases.


Elizabeth Short murder, aka the Black Dahlia case

The main way they are linked is through a surreal, magickal framework, and everything flowed from that. The crimes were committed in order to alter the public’s consciousness and to ultimately change society.

The magickal framework they are utilizing is the Aeon of Horus, well developed by Aleister Crowley and his associates.¹



I came upon this link to both of these cases through a book (see The French Version of the Oakland County Child Killer article) that was written on the OCCK case, a novel entitled The Oakland County Child Killer, which was translated to French. The French version is entitled Pardonnez-moi vos offenses. This ‘novel’ is part of a noir, surrealist series.

Linked by Surrealist Art

The surrealists “…attempted to change consciousness…which led the surrealists, inevitably to the occult tradition.”²

These artists “…adopted Freud’s theory of the unconscious; the significance of dream symbolism, puns, and jokes; and the central importance of sexuality.”³

A central suspect in the Elizabeth Short murder aka as the Black Dahlia case, was George Hodel.

A Young George Hodel


George Hodel was obsessed with photography and surrealism. He saw himself as magickal disciple of Freud, “a Merlin” as he describes himself in his self portrait.4

Hodel was a prominent man about town, and Detective Steve Hodel, believes his father, George Hodel, killed Elizabeth Short.

“…Father was associated with both the prestigious California Club, originally established by the Chandler dynasty, and its offshoot the L.A. Chamber of Commerce. The back-to-back meetings are of particular interest, because they show Father’s close connection to some of the most influential men in Los Angeles at the time, the men who were running the city.” 5

Detective Steve Hodel along with Captain Donahoe of the LAPD, among others, have felt there is a direct connection between the Black Dahlia Murder and the Chicago Lipstick murders.

Murder victim, 6 year old Suzanne Degnan

Six weeks after the crime the victim’s arms, posed and “bent at the elbows” were discovered in a sewer one-half mile away from the murder room. As indicated in the below Chicago Daily Tribune article, they had been posed and placed in a sewer just off “HOLLYWOOD STREET.” 6

Notice all the 6s. Victim Suzanne Dagnan was 6 years old, her arms, posed and bent at the elbows, were found 6 weeks later. There are layers of occult meaning concerning this. If we peel back one layer we find that her arms were a double of the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Vav:

The Hebrew Letter ‘Vav’


According to Chabad.org, Vav (Waw) is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, its numerical value is therefore 6 and the compounded meaning of the word is: 1.) Hook 2.) the word “and” 3.) in front of a word, transforms past into future or future to past.7

The Hebrew letter Vav also pictorally signifies a nail or peg—a connector.8

This detail then dovetails into the information regarding Elizabeth Short’s murder in Hollywood, California. Her arms were placed over her head, the word ‘and’ means these two murders are related by this reference; the past has been transformed into the future. The past, murdered little Caucasian girl, is now presented as murdered adult Caucasian woman—Elizabeth Short.  Elizabeth Short was found near Degnan Blvd, the murder victim’s last name, while Suzanne Degnan’s arms, were placed near Hollywood St, Hollywood, CA., being where Elizabeth Short was murdered.

The Mysterious Elizabeth Short and George Hodel

Detective Steve Hodel found evidence that Elizabeth Short traveled to Chicago, Illinois from Los Angeles, California to investigate the above described Lipstick murders.

“The secret DA files documented that Elizabeth was actively investigating those crimes in Chicago in June-July 1946,…The DA files went so far as to provide names and addresses of several different Chicago reporters that Elizabeth was sleeping with, apparently in hopes of obtaining inside information related to the murder investigations.” 9

If this is true, then why would 22 year old Elizabeth Short, who was often described as an aspiring actress, when in fact she was not, but roomed with actresses, suddenly decide to go to Chicago to investigate these murders? Was she some kind of intelligence asset that was placed there in order to get close to George Hodel and find out what he was up to?

Then there is the mysterious George Hodel. Who was he really?

“I kept picturing my father over the years: the young 1920s crime reporter, the bohemian artist, the silky-voiced radio announcer, the meticulous surgeon, the austere but dominating psychiatrist, and finally the entrepreneurial marketing genius who had went to Asia in 1950, abandoning all of us.” 10

Perhaps George Hodel was some kind of hardcore Bolshevik operative, because his father, from Odessa, Ukraine,  described himself as a ‘banker,’ where:

“Years later, mother described his funeral. She said she was amazed that so many strangers and people she did not know had come to pay their last respects. “It was as if a movie star or some celebrity had died, except he was not a celebrity.” She hadn’t known any of these people nor why they had come.” 11

George Hodel also attended Caltech, like the infamous rocket guy Jack Parsons, who was a magickal disciple of Aleister Crowley.

George Hodel was also acquainted with a German ‘baron,’ who apparently was with him when they may have committed another murder in Hodel’s basement. Although the house was wiretapped, authorities never acted on this information to help this victim. This ‘baron’ was also acquainted with Theodore Reuss, associate of Aleister Crowley, and founder of the O.T.O.

Linked by Destruction of Evidence

Both cases are/were linked by an extensive cover-up and destruction of evidence.

Regarding the Black Dahlia case:

“It was Lt. Frank B. Jemison who was assigned by the 1949 Grand Jury to reinvestigate the Black Dahlia and other Lone Woman Murders. He did it and he solved it. When he was then ordered by his superiors to “shut it down and turn over all the files, tape recordings and transcripts to LAPD’s Chief of Detectives, Thad Brown…” 12

“…sources have indicated to me that all fingerprint cards on Dr. George Hodel are also missing. Apparently, LAPD, LASD, FBI, and State Medical Board records–all of which should have his prints on file–do not have them.” 13

Regarding the OCCK case:

“The OCCK investigation goes well beyond “poor judgment.” No one in government there is willing to look at any of the malfeasance in this case, let alone misfeasance, to “ensure nothing like this ever happens again.” 14

“…a FOIA request to the FBI for documents concerning Christopher Busch and Frank Shelden/N. Fox Island was answered with the “destroyed in a catastrophic flood” at one of their retention facilities excuse.” 15

“…there are many witnesses still alive who have information. I believe this includes people who worked in law enforcement back in the day and know or suspect how this investigation got so sideways. And at this point, you carry the souls of at least four dead children who are buried in the file boxes and cabinets at the MSP.” 16

Case Closure Comparisons

Although the Oakland County Child Killer (OCCK) case has not effectively been solved, the Elizabeth Short murder (Black Dahlia case) has been. Detective Steve Hodel believes his father, George Hodel, killed Elizabeth Short. And through his painstaking research, he has effectively solved the case.

Special Report regarding Elizabeth Short Murder (Black Dahlia case).


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The REAL TRUTH About Secret Societies


This is, hands down, the best book I have read concerning secret societies. If you are confused about world events and wonder why humanity is ensnared in what seems like a downward spiral…Read this book! Many people who join these societies will be surprised they are simply dupes, usable energetic ‘bits’ for a ‘greater cause.’ If you wonder why Western Civilization and Christianity is being viciously attacked…Read this book! You’ll find the answers here on how they operate and why.

And may God Bless You.


As the three grades of ordinary Masonry included a great number of men opposed, by position and principle, to every project of social subversion, the innovators multiplied the degrees of the mystic ladder to be climbed. They created occult lodges reserved for ardent souls … shadowy sanctuaries whose doors were only open to the adept after a long series of proofs calculated to test the progress of his revolutionary education.

LOUIS BLANC-French Revolution


In all he did, in all he taught,
he kept this aim in sight :
To get the deeds of darkness done, disguised as works of light.
He spread his poison, slow and sure, through many a specious sect,
And made the evil seem the good, bamboozling God’s elect.

The Coming of Lucifer. By X.


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Light-bearers of Darkness



Money Doesn’t Exist

There are is no such things as money or ‘banks.’ Only people who can be controlled get moved up in the chess game as kings, queens or bishops — what some propagandists refer to as 5D chess.  Basically,  the rest of us are just ‘animals’ controlled by ‘shepherds’ who think they’re smarter or more ‘spiritual’ than us.

You work for money.  At some job.  Is it a job, most likely, that was contrived by a ‘corporation,’ root word corpse, an organization made up from these very same entities that control you. They decided on the corporations, and the methods of energy harvest etc. to go about creating this ‘world.’ Do you really think we have nothing but gas in cars after all these years? It is pathetic and beyond laughable. And if you buy into that charade there is really no help for you so quit reading this right now.

You will do as your told, and if you don’t you will be ignored or harassed if you try to expose them and save some stuck souls along the way. But you cannot be afraid, because in the end they don’t want you saying a damn thing about anything. And how is that going to work out for future generations? Not a good example.

There is nothing but energy.  That is the name of the game.

Who came up with this ‘game?’

It is an ancient game. One that involves secret societies and so called, ‘blood-line’ families, which is a bit of a joke because the money-people tell the blood-line people they don’t care who sits on the throne, as long as they control the currency!

Ah, the currency. Therein lies the rub. The current, or the ‘currency’ is what rules our lives.  It is a way to suck energy from us, and the Earth, which supports our lives.  Some ‘beings’ have mastered that dark magickal art of sleight of hand foolery which takes away our power and gives it to them.  Who is ‘them?’ Just look at the ‘current’ power structure on the planet. That will give you a clue.

And for all of you who think there is some differentiation between Zionists in Israel and in Russia…puhleeze. They are the same people who killed 60-90 million Indigenous Russians and most aren’t even practicing Judaism but are a criminal cabal devised and set up by secret societies and the bankers, with Rothschild being a major player in duping Germany, America and other allies during WWII, though the ones at the top very likely knew what was going on.  It got Patton killed.

General Patton’s Warning on Communism and Jews

The Epstein Plan

My Crappy Mortgage

It’s time to take it back…


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