Super Size Me: American Christians

There is a lot of talk of what a real Muslim is so let us now talk about what a real Christian is…Or isn’t.

Back in the 1980’s we saw the development of MONSTER SIZE Christian Churches perhaps to hold monster size CHRISTIANS who ate too many SUPER SIZE MEALS at McDonalds.

Thus the super size churches.

MKUltra MegaChurch Phenomenon

Find a MegaChurch Near You!

mega church
Super Size Cross on Super Size Church
mega church inside
Interior of Monster Church with Projected Pastor Joel Osteen
Tammy Faye Baker and her bullshit amusement park tears

Lots of these fake Christians (some even normal size in normal size churches) like to give money to Israel because they think it is a good thing to do because Jesus was a Jew and it’s the holy land.

These Christians like to opine about the ‘rapture’ or the ‘end of days’ probably because it makes them feel extra special because they think Jesus has given them a ticket to heaven.

These fake Christians think that fake pastors like:

John Hagee

CIA operative Pat Robertson

Have special knowledge and leadership skills that will help guide their ‘flock’ into correct Christian values and direction.

Like giving money to Israel to kill all the Palestinians.

But they are not worried about that because they are only concerned about themselves, something that Jesus specifically warned them about but seem to forget because they enjoy frolicking in greener pastures where their managers  (aka as shepherds or handlers) can watch them closely.




Historian Predicted Current Run-Up to Nuclear War

Happy Lamb Frolicking in Green Pasture Grass





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