Spontaneous Memoir Meme

Hopscotch, copyright Ellen Wilson

What time is it?  It’s meme time!

Recently I returned from Vermont to find the lovely Sandie Law of Geeked Off! tagged me with a meme.  Sandie likes to talk of all things geeky and wonderful and since I would like to indulge her in her quest for all things geeky, I will participate.  Sandie is also the author of Macaroni and Peas, a wonderful website dedicated to informing you how to get your kids to eat healthy foods on the quick and on a budget.

The name of the game is that you have to write a six word memoir phrase (jingle of words – whatever) and then tag five other people.

Why should we play?  Links are nice to get.  They improve your Google rating so people can find you, love you, and subsequently worship you.  Maybe not in that order.

Here’s mine:  Energy being dancing through space time.

Some of you will say Ahhh!  Some of you will say Wha?!!! And some of you might say, “Ellen, is this another one of your Zen things?”

To be a bit more definitive and solid I will say that the spontaneity of street photography holds much appeal for me.  I started out as a wildlife/nature photographer, but I am increasingly drawn to the funky fluidness of the street.  I like the expressions on people’s faces, odd social interactions, and the moments that capture our humaness.  With that said, let the tagging procedures begin!

First of all, I will tag Axe City of Design Interval because I heard him (I think you’re a he Axe, correct me if I’m wrong) saying that he wanted to remember forever in eternity the last word he wrote on his last exam paper at the University.  This strikes me as a noble goal and very interesting.  Second of all, I would like to tag Barbara Swafford of Blogging Without a Blog because that endeavor is very much like the sound of one hand clapping.  Plus, Barbara likes to promote bloggers on her blog and that is a very nice thing to do.  Someone should promote her, too.  Thirdly, there is Vered, of MomGrind, who is apparently jetsetting around the world and making me terribly jealous.  Now I know why my Google Analytics map of the world is lit up.  Take care, Vered, and we are all looking forward to your travel stories.  Fourthly, I will tag Stephanie of In Other Words who writes great fiction among many other honest things.  If you don’t think great fiction is about honesty than I challenge you to write some!  And last but not least, there is Karen Swim of Words for Hire, who I is on a vision quest for the truth in all things.  You rock, Karen!

There.  Said and done.  And in the words of Mr. Rogers:

Propel propel propel your craft

down the aqueous solution

verily verily verily

life is but an illusion

Photocredit: © Ellen Wilson

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18 thoughts on “Spontaneous Memoir Meme”

  1. I love your memoir.

    “life is but an illusion”. Sure feels real, though. 🙂

    I am back from jetsetting around the world. I plan to do this meme, but it may take a while. I’ve added it to my blogging to-do list, to make sure I don’t forget.

    Vered’s last blog post..Internet Safety: Did I Go Too Far?

  2. Vered,

    That was a fast trip! Of course I’m not sure when you left, you sneaky person. I trust everything is safe and sound at your home? I never thought about that Internet issue, but I think that you were smart to cover your bases.

    Do the meme whenever you want. I don’t mind.

    Yeah, life seems real, but that’s all part of it. If Friar is reading this I’m sure he will get the joke. hehe

  3. E, welcome back! I missed your wise musings and gorgeous photos.I feel smarter now that you’re back. 🙂 This is a great meme and I love your six words. It says so much. I like this challenge and you’re on! Now to find others to tag, oh yes and to write my six words too. You rock E! Yeehaw, welcome home!

  4. @Karen – I think you’re very intelligent without me here, of course it’s always nice when someone draws attention to the fact. I’m looking forward to your six words.

    Yes, it’s nice to be home.

    @Barbara – That series sounds very interesting. I like Lorelle’s stuff. She has a lot of good advice about plugins and has that groovy travel site.

    I’m also throwing around the idea of a series on photo techniques.

    I hope your garage sale went well. E

  5. Already did this one and had a lot of fun with it. AND I was challenged to do it in both Canadian official languages. Here they are:

    Grace Goddess Giddy I Have Arrived

    Gracieuse Déesse Exubérante Je Suis Arrivée

    I loved yours!

    Urban Panther’s last blog post..Behind the scenes

  6. Ellen: This is a cool meme! Thank you so much for your very kind words, and your link to my site. I appreciate it. I’m surprised to be chosen among so many great ones you could have included here.

    Also, I’d love to see more of your street photography. Sounds like national geographic stuff. LOVE IT! Do you have a gallery here, or do you plan to include one?

    PS. I love the photo above. The joy in that kid’s face! And that dirty, cute little tee-shirt (and I’m not even American!). 🙂 That is NG material right there, AND it suits your “Energy being dancing through space time.”

    I’ll have to think of my own little phrase.

  7. @Urban Panther – Wow, I’m impressed. I’m always bowled over by people that can speak more than one language. I try to get by wherever I go with simple phrases like “Donde es el bano?” (Where is the bathroom?)

    I like your phrase too. Very nice.

    @Steph – Yours is a great site. Believe it and it is. You put your heart into it and that is all that matters.

    You will see more of my street photography. After years of wildlife/nature photography it is a refreshing change of getting nothing but rolls and rolls of an ass in my viewfinder. Well, it taught me patience, that’s for sure. One thing I am learning in this lifetime.

    Next up is a street scene from Montreal. Oh, I would love to shoot for National Geographic. It has always been a dream of mine.

    Thanks for your kind words about my photos.

  8. Vered,

    Three weeks! I though it was more like a week. Yeah, you are a good magician. Fooled me. Never even suspected.

    Maybe you should write spy novels or something.

  9. Jaden,

    I know, I know. It’s this new generation. I too, had to look up what a meme is again. Apparently it can propagate itself through a culture. Like a virus or something.

    That could be good or bad. Or both.

  10. Ellen — This is one of the more interesting memes I have seen. I haven’t made my blogsurfing rounds in a while, so I have been catching up on reading all of your posts since you got back from your trip. I particularly like the photo in the Interpreting Art post. I’m glad you are back. How was Vermont?

  11. Amy,

    Vermont was good, visited a friend there.

    I’ve been busy trying to catch up with everything, too. I’ve been busy during the day so it’s hard for me to post to people’s blogs. Most people are Web writers, or working in an office, so it’s easier for them.

    Glad you like the photo. That was in Montreal – many interesting photos there, I’ll post some more.

  12. I always have trouble finding the time to read all the blogs I want to read. (The list keeps getting longer, too, which I realize is part of the problem!!) The past few weeks though I’ve really just been spending so much time offline that when I’m on the computer it’s for essential things, like work. 😉 In winter I’m a commenting fool. LOL

    I’ll look forward to seeing more Montreal photos. 🙂

    Amy’s last blog post..How I Scored Two New Freelance Blogging Jobs While Waiting For a Train

  13. I struggle to keep up with all the blogs too. I grab time here and there but can’t always find time to comment. If anyone has a better system, let me know. I wonder how others seem to manage to be everywhere all the time. I want those vitamins too! 🙂 Amy, nice to see you around. I always enjoy your writing, even in comments. 🙂

  14. @Amy – Yeah, it’s hard to stay inside all day when it’s so nice outside. I break it all up with long walks. But then I lose around an hour and a half during my working day, and it’s hard to make it up at night when everyone is here. I could get up earlier, but I already have that time alloted to work on my novel. I have not found a really good system that works for me yet. Maybe someday. Maybe winter will be better, yes.

    @Karen – Yeah, I read your post on social media. It is a dilemna. It gets to the point of saturation after so many blogs. I don’t know how some people manage to be everywhere at once! Maybe they have 500 windows open? I’m past my prime for that. I guess. I don’t think any vitamin will do it for me. Remember, I had go go boots, too! Ha!

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