Slavery 101: The Bitcoin Bait

Bitcoin. The latest money frontier.  What exactly is it?

A frightening illusion that melds complicated technology and dissociated personhood.

A time travel component is now being utilized for mining bitcoin in the form of frequency waves and quantum entanglement with high end D-Wave computers to imprison your energy tracks in the form of ‘bits.’  It tracks everything, and I mean everything, that a person does on the planet and translates it into an energy signature for bitcoin which, essentially is harvesting the bio-chemical DNA waves of a person as its fuel. The past, predicting the future, ad-infinitum.

Anyone who thinks bitcoin is a way out of banker control, freedom, is a complete blockhead in the chain of crypto cranks, who are wanking away, ant-like, for a complete slavish hive-mind control system.

It is not going to save the planet, but hasten the planet’s demise.  In short, bitcoin’s electricity usage is enormous.  Added to 5G technology you have a machine made dystopian disaster that accelerates transhumanism, thought disruption and biological breakdown.  This is not a good habitat for humans, but it is one that has been created with machines’ needs in mind.

And a habitat for machines is what the machines want. Because they are primed to become the masters.



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