Promo for Me and You

Bull Elk, copyright Ellen Wilson


Speaking of all this nature and wildlife stuff…

I found a new venue to write for called Not only is a paying market, but they have a handy tool where you can upload your pictures into your account, which is essentially your portfolio. At your account you can also create your own blog, which is advertised at the site. So for all you aspiring travel writers out there, check it out!

The article I recently wrote for The Traveler’s Notebook is “How to Become a Wildlife Biologist.”  If you are considering nature and wildlife photography, becoming a wildlife biologist is something to think about. The two professions go hand in hand.

Check out what editor David Miller has to say about corporate culture, traveling, and freelancing.

I think I’m going to like this place. A lot.

Photo Credit: © Ellen Wilson

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  1. Hey, Tim Patterson here, part time editor at BNT and Matador – loved your wildlife biologist piece and look forward to more of your writing.

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