Pouring Yourself into Purity

Tapping into the Creative

All of our deep work comes directly from our unconscious mind.  It bubbles up and pours out into many forms.  Our job is to decide what form this work will take.

I used to work in the field of natural resources, and I was involved in a program concerning groundwater.  My job was to educate people about groundwater and how to protect it.

Sometimes people like to call groundwater springwater.  It’s the same thing, but it sounds fancier.  Fancy water can be bottled.  Pick up one of your favorite bottled water brands.  It’s fancy, isn’t it?  It’s the same water you get from your faucet.  Someone is getting rich from selling simple groundwater in a bottle.

It never ceases to amaze me what people will sell.  Or buy.

Right now I’m selling you purity.  Will you buy it?  Will it solve all your problems and make you a happier person?

Yes and no.  Yes, because you will be relieved to bliss out in the great stream of your creative unconscious.  No, because once you find your voice, or have tapped into your creative well, giving it form entails hard, disciplined work.

How can you continually keep the well of your unconscious pure?

Authentically Sincere

To be true to your voice, you have to listen carefully to what comes out of your mind – you have to be authentically sincere.  The definitions, according to Websters:

au-then-tic: adj. 1 that can be believed or accepted; trustworthy; reliable

sin-cere: adj. 1 without deceit, pretense, or hyporcrisy; truthful; straightforward; honest

Darren “Daz” Cox takes up this issue in a post on his blog.  I would argue that in order to be authentic you must first be sincere.  And in order to do this you have to write out the contents of your mind, learn the light of photography, or turn your charcoal drawing of a landscape into a horse.

It is great fun spilling out all of this stuff.  You fall in love with the brush strokes of your own genius – the colt kicks of your creative mind.

In order to paint or write themselves a mind map of where they would like to be, many writers and artists take up journaling.  A journal is a great way of charting the ups and downs of your mind stuff.

And then they may get into the business of selling their work, which entails a whole new outlet of knowing their sincere selves.

Will they dissolve into hypocrisy when the marketplace rejects their authenticity?  Will they parody themselves or simply emulate others?

When you bottle yourself into any form that you wish to sell on the marketplace give yourself the freedom to fail.  I have a novel out right now making the rounds of agents and publishers, and I may never be able to sell it.

Should I quit writing?

Never be afraid to try new things and see what comes out of it.  Then you will always remain pure, fresh, and true to yourself.

But you must at first know the contents of your mind before you can guide this creative stuff into authentic shape and direction.

And if you do not intimately know the capabilities of your creative unconscious someone will come along and give you an instant recipe for wealth, fame, and happiness.

Aquafina, anyone?

Photocredit: © Ellen Wilson

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33 thoughts on “Pouring Yourself into Purity”

  1. Ellen,

    That photo is AMAZING. Where was it taken?

    Authentic, sincere, and pure. Great recipe for business and life.

    You shouldn’t quit writing because of rejection, if you face that. (And I don’t mean you, in particular, I mean the general “you.”) Writing unburdens your soul and streamlines your thoughts. Even if your writing were of the sort that’s so bad no one should ever read it, I sincerely believe it is beneficial to anyone and everyone.

    Besides, your writing is well worth reading!



    Kelly’s last blog post..Why Aren’t We Making More Money? Your Pain Points Revealed

  2. Hi Ellen,

    I like that, “Aquafina, anyone?” To think groundwater is selling for over $8.00 a gallon (when purchased in the small bottles). And we’re complaining about gas prices???

    Blogging was my first attempt at writing (publicly). I didn’t know what was right or wrong, but I did know I could speak what was on my mind. Trying to copy another person’s style may gain a person a quick “fix”, but in order to sustain (writing of any kind – blogs, books or other), if we aren’t true to ourselves, what would be joy, could end up being a chore.

    I agree, being authentic and sincere is the key to being successful in all walks of life.

    Barbara Swafford’s last blog post..NBOTW Promotes Living Green

  3. Hi Ellen! wow, I am honored to be mentioned here!

    I’ve been thinking that we should re-define the word sincere because sincerity doesn’t really entail honesty. As a society we have rejected honesty from strangers and even from friends in favor of what I define as sincerity.

    When you ask someone how they are doing you don’t really expect an honest answer as that might entail listening to their tale of woe and we don’t expect honesty in a business as business exists with a facade of competence.

    Just look at tv shows vs. reality, on tv the people in a workplace are always being sassy, having emotional outbursts and generally displaying honesty yet when you walk into a hospital the last thing you expect is to see a doctor being slapped by a nurse.

    When was the last time a waitress sat down at your table and spilled her guts? Do you care if the server at McDonalds has had a bad day or really needs a cigarette break? Even in your friendly neighborhood tavern you expect the staff to be polite and competent but not honest.

    What we do expect is sincerity, the same type of honesty you show at a job interview. it’s not really you, it what you want others to see. When you put on makeup that’s not honesty but it’s not meant to be consciously deceptive either, it’s just a way of fitting into society.

    I say that sincere is more like the honesty you recieve from a nice little old lady who was raised ‘proper’ than the honesty where the truth is spoken!

    Darren Daz Cox’s last blog post..Faeries Vs. Angels

  4. Good Morning Everyone! Thanks for all your great comments. I will be back to answer in depth later on today after I get this project done for a client. I’m on a tight deadline. In the meantime have some toast and coffee and make yourself at home.

  5. I like that photo….but methinks it’s defintely NOT Michigan. Looks partly above the treeline.

    As for writing…We keep hearing stories about authors who got rejected and rejected…over and over..and they get that ONE publisher who gives them a chance, and suddenly it’s a best-selling book.

    That’s the motivation that keeps me going. If they can do it…so can I.

    Friar’s last blog post..The End of Days: Ten Sure Signs of the Impending Apocalypse

  6. @Kelly – Thanks! This picture was taken at Glacier National Park in Montana. Hours of people siting a Grizzly. Yes, writing can unburden your thoughts, but today I have been writing sales related stuff and my head is all fuzzy. Actually any concentraded mental work makes my head all fuzzy.

    You must be getting the nasty heatwave now. Or maybe it will miss you? Hopefully. We have been on red alert here. Stay cool!

    @Barbara – You blogging is very pure. Maybe because you didn’t study it! I like it very much. I can always tell when bloggers are faking it or getting all smarmy. Sometimes they are just learning and sometimes they are faking it or getting all smarmy. Yeah, it is a chore faking it, and I would think it would get boring. But then again, it is a chore being truthful, and it doesn’t often get boring, but it does get tiring.

    Aquafina is the new vodka! Speaking of being truthful…I don’t think the major bottled water companies would like it if I went after them but it does give me an article idea. This is what happens when people are uneducated. They buy “pure spring” water that has undergone “reverse osmosis” (I love that one because it really sounds scientific and fancy and no one knows what the hell it means). Advertisers pray on ignorance. In fact, they rely on it, it’s their bread and butter.

    @Darren – Great insights into reality! I wonder why they call it “Reality” TV? Ha! It’s true, we are all expected to maintain social “niceties” or else? What? Reality will come to a standstill? We all are required to wear a mask. I get tired of it and want to go to the mountain. But then I miss people and want to come down. My big fat koan for this lifetime.

    @Friar – It’s Glacier National Park in Montana! Almost treeline, but not quite. As I was telling Kelly a Grizzly had been sighted in the area about an hour before which made me really nervous and made Mike laugh. He had been hiking there before and had a great Grizzly story so he wasn’t as afraid as I was. We wore bells. A hiker that had been eaten by a grizzly had been found in the spring.

    Glad you made it home safely.

    I didn’t know your were writing something. What is it? Or is it a secret?

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone. I am so damn tired tonight after my writing crunch that I can’t coherently make it to anyone’s blog without sounding like a blathering burble. I’ll get around tomorrow. In the meantime I hope everyone has a great night.

    This is going to be a busy week for me.

  7. Ellen,

    Over 100°F for three days. (Canadians, that’s bloody hot. Just trust me.) So humid that when you step outside the air flattens you. You can’t take a full breath and you feel like you might fall to the ground.

    Um, no heat wave at all. Just Delaware. 😉

    In August it’ll get bad.

    (Well, over 100° for three days is called a heat wave even here. We get a lot of heat waves.)

    Glacier National Park looks beautiful, and sounds… cooler than here!

    Until later,


    Kelly’s last blog post..Inspiration Points: When Is the Best Time to Do Things?

  8. Ellen, I hardly have words to express how much I enjoyed this post. From the photo to the deep insight, this was perfect. I believe authenticity and sincerity are driven from your internal moral compass, your guiding values. You can only “fake” it for so long, as you true character will emerge. The waitress who chats and smiles with you, and remembers your name may be operating from a value system that causes her to treat everyone with respect and kindness. The waitress who does it for the tips will not be able to hang on to the charade in the face of challenge. Over and over again in my 44 years of life I have learned your true character will emerge, particularly when it meets a challenge. People have made “peace and love” gurus millionaires by flocking to seminars and buying their books and tapes. Some of those same purveyors of peace put on that face the paying public and in private are nasty, rotten, jerks who have come to believe their own hype. Again, character can only be glossed over for so long.

    Karen Swim’s last blog post..Riding the Wave of Imagination

  9. @Kelly – Not to worry, this too, shall pass. We have pleasant weather now, the humidity went down. The higher the elevation, the cooler it is. Usually. That’s one thing I like about the mountains. And the sky is a brilliant blue.

    @Karen – True, true. It is all about your value system. I used to wait tables and in the heat of the rush hour I had to hang on to “niceness.” Believe me that is a challenge because people can get pretty bitchy when they’re hungry. You have a choice of how you will operate. Like Victor Frankl found out during the Holocaust. Maybe we will never have to face the horror he did, but his courage during a time of supreme adversity demonstrates that we all have this choice in the face of the worst humanity has to offer.

  10. Ellen
    That picture was stunning, grabbed me and sucked me right in.

    Great post too. Many of my comments would be repeatsof Daz and Barbara’s comments so I’ll ditto to what they said.
    Sorry to hear you are so swamped.
    By the way, I finally put all my faves in Google reader to save time and for some reason I can’t seem to actually subscribe to you there. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve always had you bookmarked, but I want to actually be a subscriber now and I can’t seem to figure out how to do it with your site. Help?

  11. @Kelly

    Oh, I know all about 100F. (It does get that hot up here….). Just not as often as you get.

    But we still get plenty of 90 and 95 degree days. It’s so humid you can cut the air with a knife.

    And then a month later, you can get frost and you know winter is on the way…!!

    I love Glacier..it’s attached to Waterton Park on the Alberta side…it’s one big international park

    I only had one day to drive throught it…but Glacier/Waterton is on my short list of places to visit. Mabye even this summer.

    Friar’s last blog post..Travels with the Bear: Yellowstone National Park

  12. @Wendi – Thanks for that. I aim to please. I think I’m past the worst of the work load. But it will be a constant push for awhile. I’m not sure what to tell you about the RSS feed. I tried it out and it lets me subscribe with my XML. I’ll play around with it and see what happens.

    @Friar – Glacier is great for everything! Scenery, wildlife, flowers. Bear will love it! By the way, does bear have a name?

    The male mountain goats have testicles the size of melons. Man, I wish I would have taken a picture of that male goat in the parking lot. But I wanted everything to look “all natural.” He was a real bad ass.

  13. Hi all,
    Beautiful photo and beautiful concept. Authenticity is a deeper well to drawn from for ourselves. In ANY endeavor involving creativity you need a good, pure, deep source of replenishment.
    Lovely analogy.

    Hot here, but nowhere near that 100 degree mark. Sorry guys. Stay cool.
    Better go see what Friar is up to. 🙂

    Janice Cartier’s last blog post..The Weekend 30 Minute Challenge

  14. @Ellen

    My bear has a name…Junior. (As in Junior Bear…you have to use the two words together). But he also goes by the just plain and simple “The Bear”.

    Useless bit of trivia. Did you know the grizzlies’ range used to include much of the continent, including the great plains (almost all the way back to Ontario?).

    It’s only in the last 150 years that they’ve been driven into the moutains, through loss of habitat.

    Calilfornia has a Grizzly Bear on its State Flag..but there hasnt’ been a grizzly there since the 1930’s.

    (They should re-introduce the critters, I think..and tourists be dammed!).

    Friar’s last blog post..Travels with the Bear: Yellowstone National Park

  15. I’ve been writing for a long, long time but the last year or so has opened many new doors and one of those was the door to my voice. In all the years I’ve been writing, I never paid much attention to my personal style. I just wrote. This journey of discovering my voice is a new one and I have many more miles to tread but it has been one of the most enjoyable so far.

    Melissa Donovan’s last blog post..What I’ve Learned About Blogging

  16. The only redeeming quality I can think of for bottled water, is that it is still better for you than pretty much anything else they sell in bottles!

    (Still a rip-off though.)

    Keep writing. Keep being you. Authentically sincere, you are.

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..the straw.

  17. @Janice – You are lucky. Good deep source of replenishment. Yes. And it doesn’t come in a bottle. Well, a bottle of wine is good.

    @Friar – Many species of wildlife used to have a different range before human intervention. I didn’t know that about California and their flag. They still have their mountain lions that attack joggers. Tasty morself those joggers.

    The wolves are making a comeback.

    @Melissa – That is a great analogy about voice – door to voice is quite like a mouth opening. You have a great voice. Keep speaking!

    @Brett – Bottled wine is better than bottled water. And it’s a better deal.

  18. @Ellen,

    Agreed! Bottled wine. And bottled beer 🙂 both are a better deal. I laugh at Aquafina and Dasani, actually. To think that Coke & Pepsi can RO tap water and pass it off as “special”…

    Well, I laugh, because I worked for a stint recycling aircraft deicing fluid at airports with RO equipment. And you could drink the water that came out of the machines. But I’ll tell you, if you ever smelled or tasted what went *into* the machines… so what I’m saying is, Coke & Pepsi could probably feed sewage into their RO machines and pump out bottled water.


    I’ll stick with wine and beer!

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..the straw.

  19. @Brett – Oh, and here is something else. You go to a eating establishment (usually fast food) and ask for a glass of water and the food attendant says, “We have bottled water.”

    Nothing pisses me off worse than that.

  20. @ Ellen and @ Brett, yea the bottled water thing is not only a crock but the plastic is horrible for the environment. On occasion (when I can find it here) I do like water in glass bottles (not sparkling). The one thing that bothers me about tap is the pharmaceuticals contained in them. Then again, almost everything we ingest these days carries some hazard, you can just do the best you can to make good decisions.

    Karen Swim’s last blog post..What I Learned from Bullies

  21. @Ellen & Karen,

    No kidding, both on the restaurants trying to make more money selling you stuff that is paid for with your taxes, and on the pharma connection.

    I’ve been tempted to build my own filtration system once in a while (hey, I’m a chemical engineer…) – or maybe a distillation system. But the local police would probably think I was making hooch instead of purifying water…

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..how to switch – part 2, and the mouse.

  22. @Karen – Apparently there is prozac in our drinking water? Is that why we are called, “Prozac Nation?” Nothing like controlling a population by messing with its water supply! And here we thought people were flushing their happy pills down the toilet…There’s also estrogen in the water. It messes with young girls adolescense (early puberty onset), and screws with the fish.

    @Brett – Nothing better than filtered water from Lake Superior. I don’t know how the restaurants get away with that. That would mean we are doubly taxed. Nothing is clear cut anymore. You have to be a hound to sniff it all out, I tell ya.

  23. @Ellen,

    You can make a filter easily enough with small gravel / sand / charcoal that will do the trick for most groundwater (a local girl designed and built a prototype as a filter for developing nations, and went on to the science fair nationals in Canada with it).

    I’d trust water I got from a lake or stream over my tap water, for sure.

    (Ontario went through that whole thing with Walkerton a few years ago, and I’m not always sure I trust the municipal supply…)

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..how to switch – part 2, and the mouse.

  24. Ellen, just wanted you to know that Ms O left you a very nice complement about your sight on the Pebble People page. She thinks you are addicting! Now that’s a compliment!


  25. @Ellen

    I remember last year, driving in a hot and sweaty car…I was at Agawaw Bay North of the Soo.

    It was early September…the water was warm enough to go swimming. I was hot and itchy and sweaty and thirsty.

    I went to the beach, jumped in the blue-green watr and submerged myself…every pore of my body was cooled off..and I opened my mouth and just DRANK straight from the lake.

    The most refreshing swim and the sweetest water I ever had in my whole life!

    Friar’s last blog post..Ligaments, Cartilage, Careers…Oh My!

  26. @Brett – Does the Canadian government put flouride in your water? We have that here in the US. Unless you have a well. I’m starting to wonder about that also. Hey, isn’t a chemical engineer like a pharmacist? hehe…

    @Wendi – Wow, that’s nice! Hopefully I will have some more time today to check it out. Right now I’m at my mom’s using her computer. It sure feels strange being away from my laptop. We have a concert in about an hour.

    @Friar – Good thing you didn’t get giardia. I hear that is excruciatingly nasty. I used to drink water out of Lake Michigan all the time when I was kid. Never got sick.

  27. @Ellen,

    Well, they do fluoridate the water here, unfortunately… and the schools used to give the kids “fluoride rinse” if they were not on town water. Evil subversive plot, it was!

    LOL yes I suppose we could be like pharmacists, or at least make a lot of that stuff. I had a chance to work in pharma but turned it down. Too unethical for me…

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..how to switch – part 2, and the mouse.

  28. @Brett – My grandapa used to say they used fluoride to kill the rats. He could never understand why it was in the public water supply. He always tried to give me well water.

    @Friar – It’s good to risk things. Though I’m afraid to drink Lake Michigan’s water anymore. I feel very mortal now that I have kids. Who will take care of them if I’m struck down from a measly bacterium?

  29. @Ellen,

    Your grandpa was a wise man. Some weird stuff started happening in the late 50’s you know. My grandpa told me how cigarettes stopped going out some time in the late 50’s. When he first started to smoke, they were like cigars he said. If you put them down, they went out. And it was easy to quit, he said. He’d quit many times. Then something happened. They stopped going out. And people couldn’t quit.

    There’s a method to my madness, to move to New Zealand. The island I want to live on is a GE (genetically engineered) free zone. No GE products allowed there. Everyone is responsible for collecting/arranging their own water supply. It sounds nice…

    Brett Legree’s last blog post..viking fridays – the best things.

  30. @Brett – I never heard that. Interesting. Cigarettes that never go out and people that cannot quit.

    I hate the fact that they never gave us an option about GE food in the US. That pisses me off. Probably more than bottled restaurant water. THAT is just evil. You should have a choice. Always. But think of it, did people have a choice with these kinds of cigarettes? Apparently not.

    Well, you future Kiwi, I’ll visit you there…

  31. Hi Jaden,

    I’m glad you feel peaceful here. Enjoy the freshness of the untainted water! Someone is probably selling it as Glacier Springs, or something.

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