Pierre Omidyar and the Art of the Greenwash

Interesting hat that Pierre Omidyar is wearing.   Eye catching.  Apparently Omidyar likes the art of the Greenwash.  And by that I mean look like you care about the environment and people will give you the keys to the kingdom.  I bet Omidyar gave A LOT of green to the Nature Conservancy, an agency involved in Agenda 21,  which is a major globalist NWO scheme, to get that hat.  In Hawaii.  Looks like he is looking to impart a luxury resort to his uber rich friends so they can all go out and play together. Gee, how nice.  I guess everyone else  can do the laundry or mow the luxurious yard or shine their shoes.  Or something.

These people that have lived there for centuries and have sacred spaces.

Omidyar has been carving up the state of Hawaii these past few years.  Why he’s making it his home, don’t you know?  He’s been busy wrapping his octopei arms around every avenue he can grab hold of.

Omidyar also likes the art of doublespeak, double deal whitewash, and has teamed up with buddy Green Glenwald, er I mean Glen Greenwald,  to deal on the continuing narrative of Greenwald’s Edward Snowden NSA leak fame.   It all seems a little odd when you consider that, “A little more than a year ago, Greenwald was writing for Salon.com, which (somehow) has a market cap of $3.5 million. Six years ago he was still typing away on his own blog. It’s like Izzy Stone running into a civic-minded plastics billionaire determined to take I.F. Stone’s Weekly large back in the day.”

Apparently they are joining forces to build an alternative media empire.  Isn’t that a scream.  But wait, there’s more.  There was a NSA official leak that news about Paypal, Omidyar’s corporation, is in the Greenwald/Snowden leaks documents.  What an interesting way to continue the soap opera narrative.

So there is this bunch of secret papers that Greenwald is sitting on.  Big fat Snowden golden eggs he will lie/lay out to the public whenever he or his handlers deem fit.  The funny thing is these leaks never really tell us anything…they just continue the narrative.  Continue the paranoia of being watched 24/7. And anyone who writes fiction knows that you have to keep your readers interested in the story.   Make them feel something.  Which leads me to Greenwald’s upcoming book supposed to be released in March 2014 and the subsequent Hollywood studio infighting over the rights.  *Yawn*

Smells like Teen Spirit  disinfo style.

But not only is Omidyar in the nest with Greenwald and Snowden, he has also cuddled up to Arriana Huffington to form Huffpo Hawaii.   Apparently Obama likes it there, too.  So nice and sunny.

Pineapple anyone?

Update 1/9/2014  There’s more! Omidyar and Huffington announce their demonic disinfo plans to undermine Alternative Media.  Obviously not content with just Hawaii, they have designs on a much bigger info empire.

And yes, Michelle Obama likes pineapple so much she is extending her stay in Hawaii. And because it is her 50th B-day soon, we as American taxpayers are so incredibly happy to foot the bill for her!





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