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personalitypuzzle_350[1]I’ve been eagerly waiting the release of this ebook for some time.  Why?  Because I knew it would be good.  And if you have read Hunter Nuttal’s post on Introverts and Extroverts you know what I mean – this guy is knows his stuff.



I say this because I know a thing or two about psychology -at least a shelf full of books regarding.  And when I read this post I knew he was on to something.  He could explain the differences, and the subtleties and solutions to getting along with extroverts and introverts in the simplest of terms.  Better than most psyche professors, mind you.

You know how it is when you find a writer you like.

So while the extrovert introvert post was the appetizer to the main course, we can now have a full fledge pig out!

Hunter distills complex information about the Myers Briggs into an essence we can all understand.  He explains things in such a way that makes sense and isn’t filled with too much theoretical rhethoric – boring rhetoric that slows things down.  You won’t find it here.  Not only does Hunter walk you through the tests that identify what your Myers Brigg type is, but he also discusses type dynamics, or in other words, why are you so weird and I’m so normal?

We spend our lifetimes trying to figure this out.  And we go through all kinds of programs to get it.

This little volume speaks volumes.

You have at your hands, your fingertips, all kinds of info that may help you relate to that irritating someone.  And they you.  Because it goes both ways.  Like Carl Jung said, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Let us get to know one another.  Let us realize there is no good or bad types.

Transpersonal psychologist, Stanislav Grof says, “The main obstacle we face as a species is found in the present evolutionary level of our consciousness.”

Yes, let us leap forward for we are on the dawn of a whole new way of relating to one another. 

Let us get to know how we all relate to this planet – this journey – together on our own

Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate

Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate

terms.  Your terms and my terms.  And the sooner the better.

I’m an ENJF and share the same type with Oprah Winfrey and Ralph Nader.

Oprah Winfrey, TV and magazine mogul

Oprah Winfrey, TV and magazine mogul

So tell me, what are you?  Hunter talks about typewatching in his book.  Watch and study.  Can you guess what your closest friends and relations are?  Would you have guessed I’m an ENFJ?

Get the book at: Hunter


Oprah Winfrey –

Ralph Nader –

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13 Responses to Personality Types Explained

  1. “Would you have guessed I’m an ENFJ?”

    Yes. 🙂

    Ronald Reagan is another classic example of an ENFJ. As for Oprah, I see a lot of people disagreeing about her type. I’ve heard INFJ (like Martin Luther King, Jr.), ESFP (like Bob Hope), and others. It’s often hard to figure out famous people because we only see them on camera. But with you, we can be sure!

    I found myself speechless as I read this glowing review. I’m so glad my ebook was so well-received by someone who knows a thing or two (or 50 or 100) about psychology. You’ve made my day!

  2. “Would you have guessed I’m an ENFJ?”

    Indeed, yes. 🙂

    I’m an INTJ.

    Vered – MomGrinds last blog post..Thanking My September Top Commentators

  3. Ellen Wilson says:

    @Hunter – I was trying to think of some displeasing personalities that shared my type and you serve them up on a silver platter.

    My apologies to my Republican friends. Enough said before I stick my ENFJ foot in my mouth.

    Glad you like the review.

    @Vered – Okay, now I will go look up your type and see if I would have guessed that about you.

  4. Friar says:

    I’m a FWAP

    (Friar With an Attitude Problem!)


    Friars last blog post..The Happy-Mealer

  5. Hi Ellen,

    Unfortunately, I don’t know you well enough to know if you’re personality type is accurate. I love the Myers-Briggs stuff though. I’m an INFJ – I’ve always liked having one of the rarest types. I’m also left-handed so I think that increases the rarity 🙂

    I do think Vered’s is accurate by what I know of her.

    And the FWAP – well, I’ve never met one but I’ll have to take his word for it 😉

    Kim Woodbridges last blog post..WordPress – Use the Maintenance Mode Plugin When Working on Your Site

  6. Ellen Wilson says:

    @Friar – You are special like Basel. Did you name your dog after the town in Switzerland? That’s where Carl Jung is from.

    @Kim – Hey we could be twins if I weren’t an E! Actually sometimes I think I’m more of an I like I was telling Hunter way back when. I test pretty low on the E category. I really enjoy being alone and can easily recharge my own batteries. The inner workings of the I’s are fascinating.

  7. Cath Lawson says:

    Hi Ellen – I agree completely – the Nutty Introvert’s book rocks. I love it when folk turn something seemingly complicated into something everyone can understand. It’s done for introverts what the Secret did for folk who wanted to win the lottery.

  8. Ellen Wilson says:


    Yes, it’s very good. And like you I don’t just review any old thing. I have to believe in it.

    That’s funny you mention The Secret, there’s an ad for it now in the sidebar. I love watching these ads. Anyway, I have never heard of The Secret.

  9. Karen Swim says:

    Hi E! Great recommendation and I love the personality typing. I have a thing for wanting to understand people, to understand their motivation and perspective. When I can figure out where they’re coming from it helps me to communicate and relate. I would have been a little wrong about you so see, surprise! 🙂 I am an ENTP. Would you have guessed that about me?

    Karen Swims last blog post..Carrots, Sticks and Such

  10. Ellen Wilson says:


    Ha! Yes, I can see all of that except the P. You seem too organized and efficient for that.

  11. Karen Swim says:

    E, lol! Geez you’re good! I was actually a borderline P could have gone either way – too funny!

    Karen Swims last blog post..Carrots, Sticks and Such

  12. Friar says:


    Basil is named after a real-life dog. (And his owner named him after the John Cleese’s character (Basil) from the TV show Fawlty Towers.

    Sorry to disappoint Jung.

    PS. Basil is an ESRL

    (Extra Special Retarded Lab).

    Friars last blog post..Assorted Friar-O-Lanterns

  13. Ellen Wilson says:

    @Karen – It’s the feeling and intuition part of my makeup. I’m heavy on the F and I, and actually low on the E. I think I could go either way with the I or the E. I need A LOT of alone time.

    @Friar – I thought you spelled Basil with an E. I remember thinking that, hmmm. That’s an odd spelling. So he’s an herb dog.

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