Can You Live Without Sex?

You can live without sex. Of course you can. You will not die if you do not have sex. But some people, like this man, think they cannot live without sex, and the most perverse kind.

The kind you have with young teenagers. Who is this man?  This man is Jeffrey Epstein. Have you heard of this man?

Jeffrey Epstein’s Plane

Jeffrey Epstein’s Island

My friends, this man, got away with destroying hundreds of young girls lives. You must read about him. Imagine if one of these girls was your daughter.  How would you feel? Don’t we have a duty to protect these girls?

Somewhere in the Bible we have some verse that talks about an eye for an eye. There must be justice. We no longer have justice in the United States of America, if we ever did. This man, Jeffrey Epstein, had, and has, some very powerful friends. Among them not only include our bizarre president, Donald Trump. But Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor, who not only flew, like Donald Trump, to Epstein’s pervert private island to, most likely, have sex with teenagers, but then also defended the disgusting pedophile pervert, Jefferey Epstein, in court.

Alan Dershowitz

My friends, do you not think this is beyond bizarre? We must do something about it. Why do we have a justice system that only works for the rich, like Jeffery Epstein? And then puts everyone else in jail over mainly drug charges (heroin) that the CIA ships over in planes from Afghanistan to get us addicted. Is this not messed up? You bet it is!

It must stop and we must speak the truth about it. Whenever we can. Do not be afraid my friends, God is with you. And loves the truth, and justice. Like you should.

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Dreams of the Children

Dreams of the Children

who will protect
the dreams of the children?
from jealous cell phone gods
made from a thousand fingers
of hands that were not their own
but of some beast
of in a metallic mind

a mind that sought to capture
the will of an earth people
who lived containing all the
children within them

to pervert the memory
and the truth
of the born and unborn
with nothing but a phone
to dial in to god

Who will protect
the dreams of the children?


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The Pirate Nun

Mother Angelica

I used to watch Mother Angelica. I called her the Pirate Nun. I liked the way she would soothingly speak of Jesus and the saints. It was nice. Comforting. Then, out of no where she would burst into a tirade of scorn and derision, her shrill, stacatto voice bulleting the negative points of young girls dressed like sluts and whores in their short, tight skirts. I would laugh, thinking this nun is probably jealous because she wants to wear short skirts.

Now I know better.

There is something inherently more pleasing in modesty. There is an integrity and self assurance in not letting ‘it all hang out.’

Mother Anglica is dead now. But I’m sure she is still busy praying for all those immodest girls in their short, tight skirts and their ‘letting it all hang out’ ways.

God Bless her.



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