Ode to JonBenet

JonBenet Ramsey


JonBenet Ramsey.  A little girl murdered in 1996, whose murder caused an international sensation because it was such a high profile case involving powerful people, is still awaiting justice. There were some poems given to investigators by an anonymous author who felt that perhaps disclosure disguised by poetic means would help solve the case or at least identify what was going on by those scared and desperate people to afraid to come forward.  What follows is one such poem:

However, one must study greats
Take, for example, William Yeats,
Who spoke about Byzantium
No governor could stop the run
Your split in planning took its toll
Your race spun out of your control
Things fall apart

The antichrist lurks in the head
It festers in the carnal eye
Which takes young victims from their bed
To suffer that and then to die
Now vacant, half-glazed tears are shed
From ambidextrous author’s stead
One doll, now grown, hides in dread
Another Manchurian candidate
Is dead.¹

This poem hints at a powerful cabal, ‘religious’ and/or occultic, above what we would call government, but hides like a parasite within governments (what is left of governments).

The author speaks of William Yeats and is highly versed in poetic composition. The author is most likely very educated, part of the ‘elite’ ruling class, or is involved in those circles. Someone privy to understanding who or what is behind the stagecraft.

William Yeats, accomplished and well known Irish poet, wrote a poem called “Byzantium,” which describes the occult and human sacrifice. This poem alludes to secret societies and conjuring spirits — blacksmiths or “smithies” of the Emperor with their iron “In glory of changeless metal” complete the sacrifice of the “death-in-life and life-in-death ritual.”

The first stanza of the JonBenet poem describes a split. A layered ‘split’ which resonates through the centuries. A split that could be describing the Anglican Church which broke from the Catholic Church during the reign of Henry the VIII. This split had unknown, unforeseen complications, where “Your split in planning took its toll/Your race spun out of your control.” Race, meaning a competition, or a group of people — the stanza being full of double entendres.  Further poems given to investigators hint at scandals within, or involving a church and/or religion.

The Manchurian doll, referring to the manufactured mind-controlled female sexualized ‘type,’ may refer to Patsy Ramsey, or even the author, who most likely is a female, and describes herself as ambidextrous, or well-versed or studied in both worlds; able to experience and report back from these darker realms.

William Butler Yeats studied the occult and was acquainted with Aleister Crowley, who was founder of the religion of Thelema.

Read Presumed Guilty: An Investigatiion into the JonBenet Ramsey Case, The Media, and the Culture of Pornography by Stephen Singular, for further analysis, and for the rest of the poems mailed to investigators.

1.  Stephen Singular, Presumed Guilty: An Investigation into the JonBenet Ramsey Case, The Media, and the Culture of Pornography  (Kindle Edition)

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Sandra Fecht Talks Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)

Sandra Fecht is a highly credible therapist from Ontario, Canada. Listen to her as she describes how she came to understand and believe her clients when they would tell her about Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) which is discredited in the mainstream psychology/psychiatric community.

She talks about how she was ultimately convinced of these bizarre stories where she would once send people off who she thought were severely mentally ill to get more medication from physicians who would often send them to psychiatric hospitals.

She discusses the groups perpetuating this abuse:

A. Military/Political
B. High Tech/Aliens
C. Ancient
D. Mens Clubs
E. Splinter Groups

Her clients describe how this is perpetuated on a local, national and international level.

Sandra Fecht is a practicing therapist and skilled in treating people who are suffering from the effects of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).


Experiences of Dr. Corydon Hammond: The Greenbaum Speech


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Cynthia McKinney’s Great Ideas


Great Interview & Ideas regarding the money financiers at the campaign table and 2020 election. “We the people have to have a counter veiling force that will protect us and PROJECT OUR OWN CHOICES for candidates.”

Exactly, instead of being blind sided by the a well oiled candidate’s rhetoric and big funded games and empty promises we can side step them.

This very same day that this interview aired, Democracy Now aired a video illustrating what Cynthia McKinney was talking about in regards to corporate financing. The problem is that the so called ‘progressive Democrats’ are also funded in hidden ways, so watch the interview with McKinney to learn about it.

Cynthia also talks about how traps are constantly set for her to discredit her. She tells an interesting story about how she was contacted by a mysterious caller with a heavy
Russian accent…

If we the people are every going to get our country back we are going to have to learn about who is financing who and work around the big money games.

So put on your investigative journalist hat and do some digging to figure it out. Because the mainstream media will play one left/right side off each other, because the left/right are bought and sold mouthpieces along with their corresponding ‘journalists.’

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