1968: The Summer of the Robison Family Murder

The Robison Family

I recently read with interest about an old cold case on What the Hell is the Deal with the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation? An aptly titled blog by Catherine Broad. The cold case in question is concerning the Robison family Murder in Good Hart, Michigan in 1968. I decided to to some digging. I found some articles describing the murder. But of course there was quite a bit left out. I mean really, why bring up cults and military intelligence and freemasons in the same article. Those things are so unrelated, and anyway, it’s so Andy Griffith Mayberry up in Good Hart, Michigan. No one would get it. Nope. Gosh darn. Not at all. Not in a million years.

So I bought the book by Mardi Link, who does a good job of detailing the murder and investigation.

Catherine Broad compares the Mardi Link book and how investigators helped Mardi out quite a bit, but in contrast, police and investigators mainly stymied the Oakland County Child Killer Case when families felt, well, their questions weren’t being answered regarding their children being raped and tortured and killed by possibly a high profile pedophile network where one person of interest owned an island in Michigan, North Fox to be exact, and quickly disappeared when the realization that dots might connect, and lo and behold it looks like…damn, could it be? Investigators let him get away? …But really, nothing to be concerned about in little ole’ Michigan.

I would bet that law enforcement helped Mardi Link out because 1. They are mainly ethical cops 2. This case has nothing to do with pedophile networks and 3. No one would get the military intelligence cover-up, which is probably at the front and center of these murders.

The Robison Cabin, where the murders took place

The Robison Family Murder

Let’s start at the end. Chief Prosecutor Noggle decides that there really is no case against the main suspect, Scolaro, after the two main detectives have painstakingly detailed everything in an exhaustive report which they deliver to him. The Attorney General of Michigan at the time, Frank Kelley, agrees with Noggle.

Now, wouldn’t you find this suspicious? Especially after the two hard working detectives turn over every stone and bone, collecting all manner of evidence, interviews, leads, etc? A good case? A tight case?

But wait. Prosecutor Noggle has an epiphany. He tells detectives to go and look at, no investigate, a guy that has no real relationship to the murder, other than he built the cabin that the Robisons were killed in. Why? Because, well perhaps, he is a bit odd, and likes to talk to himself. And you know…Prosecutor Noggle said so!

Why would Prosector Noggle say so? Perhaps he was avoiding some things that he really didn’t want divulged during a trial with chief suspect Scolaro. Some things that the prosecutor decided after sniffing around a bit, smelled like, ummm, maybe a military intelligence operation. Yes, perhaps Prosecutor Noggle had some expertise in all of that being involved in military tribunal courts in Germany after WWII.

And what about this chief suspect Scolaro? Why, he was a military intelligence operative! Yes, indeed. According to him he was also Robison’s right hand man in Robison’s ad business. He also liked skimming money off the accounts which perhaps he thought Robison would never find out about.

And Robison? Well, apparently he had a few investors that may have been part of a strange cult he was in. In fact, he wore a pendant around his neck, kind of like the scapular Catholics wear for extra protection, possibly from these investors. This pendant stated basically he was a ‘chosen son.’ It sounds a bit like Jesus, doesn’t it? But perhaps because he was a Freemason he was a bit suggestible.

Not only that, but his spiritually inclined investors also liked to ply him with sexy women secretaries who he liked to undress and stare at..just their legs. He did this with all of them, except one. The one detectives hunted down in Florida who married an extremely wealthy man and did work as a secretary for Mr Robison. No, they didn’t have an affair, she said. She said that he asked her about her feelings. Yes, he apparently wanted to know all about her feelings and not the other way around. Ummm. Right. That sounds extremely plausible. Did anyone think that maybe this person was some kind of intelligence operative? Trying to squeeze information out of Mr Robison? No. Apparently not. Nothing to see here. Let’s move on.

Yes, Mr Robison was a very creative, intelligent person the intelligence agencies often seek out for their operations. Chief suspect Scolaro said that Mr Robison often went on secretive business meetings to further his business dealings with his elusive spiritual investors. One of these places was San Francisco. San Fransisco at that time was a hot bed of cults and intelligence activity. In fact, military intelligence pretty much invented the ‘counter culture’ hippy movement.

Could it be that Mr Robison was lured into a cult that promised him untold riches, plentiful sex, and peace and love on a planetary scale? Could this have been a military operation that possibly went wrong? Or right? Or something in between?


Link, Mardi. When Evil Came to Good Hart. 10th Anniversary Edition, Kindle Edition. University of Michigan Press, 2008.

McGowan, David. Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream. Headpress, 2014.

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The Mysterious Death of Kate Spade

Indeed, we should question why so many celebrities choose death by hanging.  One of them was Kate Spade.  She hung herself with a red scarf.

A rather dramatic end.  Apparently Kate Spade was rather demure and didn’t go in for that sort of thing.

Maybe it was a calling card from the killer(s)? To tell everyone in the know exactly who it was? As a warning to others?

In order to do a proper investigation one needs to pull back and look at the big picture.  What is the mainstream media saying? What are they claiming? Sometimes you can get the biggest clues from what they do or do not say.

We learned very quickly from New York Police Department (NYPD) lead detective that detectives were still in the early stages of the investigation but that all evidence pointed to “a tragic suicide.”

And law enforcement officials said she left a note at the scene. The officials were not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

The officials didn’t know what the note said.

The contents of the note were then leaked to the press. Apparently there were different versions of what the note said.

But apparently they did know what the note said:

“At this point, there was a note left,” the department’s chief of detectives, Dermot Shea, told the Post. “The contents of that note, as well as the physical state of the apartment and the comments of the witness, lend to the credibility that it is an apparent suicide.”

“I have yet to see any note left behind and am appalled that a private message to my daughter has been so heartlessly shared with the media,” Spade’s husband, Andy Spade, said in a statement to The New York Times on Wednesday.

Really? Then why is it that CBS was reporting that:

Housekeeping staff found Spade inside her Park Avenue apartment in Manhattan around 10:20 a.m. Tuesday, law enforcement officials told CBS News. They said she left a note at the scene but the contents of the note were not divulged. She had apparently hanged herself with a scarf attached to a door knob. Her husband and business partner Andy Spade was in the apartment at the time, police said at an afternoon news conference.

Andy Spade then steps out in a mouse mask two days after his wife’s death. Why? It certainly wasn’t a disguise.  Everyone would have known who he was. Was it a message to someone?

Apparently the mask is of a character, Bernard, in a film called The Rescuers. A Disney film that is about the Rescue Aid Society, an international mouse organization headquartered in New York City and shadowing the United Nations, dedicated to helping abduction victims around the world at large.

A mouse mask. Is this a game of cat and mouse? Who is the cat? Is this a plea for help?

Andy Spade, and his brother, David Spade are from Birmingham, Michigan, a very exclusive and wealthy suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Detroit Michigan is home to the Detroit Masonic Temple, the largest Freemasonic Temple in the world.

Birmingham, Michigan is also home to alleged occult, ritual child abuse, and mind control activity according to various victims who grew up in that area.

 The Red Scarf Symbolism

On page 4 of Color Symbolism in Freemasonry by Leon Zeldis, we learn that, The color of blood is naturally connected with the idea of sacrifice, struggle and heroism. It also signifies charity, devotion, abnegation – perhaps recalling the pelican that feeds its progeny with its own blood.



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Marion Pettie, the Finders and Montauk

What the CIA Finders cult was was essentially part of the MKUltra program honed and refined after WWII.

There has always been human sacrifice in the dark occult, and it was promoted and developed along with its mind control aspects on an industrial scale after WWII. This was because the scientists associated with the program along with various physics and psychic research came to the US after the war in a world wide divvying up of talent. In the US it was called Project Paperclip. This was part of the aspect of the military industrial complex that President Kennedy knew about and attempted to warn the public about.
These programs are all related and many are fused together. We are taught that they are separate disciplines but really they are not.

The leader of the Finders group was Marion Pettie.  He basically was the master of the games being spun out of this particular program. In the CIA operations are called ‘fun and games.’ Marion Pettie may have been fleshing out what is now known as Live Action Role Play (LARP).

“The Finders have more-or-less rational explanations for even the most bizarre behavior attributed to them, especially in the context of a group that exists to challenge social paradigms. Even the goat sacrifices, known as “Goatgate”to the group, have been attributed to the Finders just play-acting at being witches and warlocks, another “game” to dumbfound lookers-on.”

Indeed, he was also involved with computers and networks and it is quite obvious to anyone paying attention that in thia age of the Internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI) it is quite easy to run LARPS on the unsuspecting public.”

Apparently Marion Pettie was introduced to the Office of Strategic Services, (OSS, pre-CIA) through Nick Van Neumann, John Van Neuman’s brother. John Von Neumann was probably one of the most intelligent physicists and computer scientists ever to walk the face of the Earth. Legend has it that as he was working along side Einstein he used to play Prussian marching music to piss him off. Von Neumann was a National Socialist while Einstein’s political views were more Zionist in nature. Thus Einstein became the poster child of modern physics and quantum mechanics.

John Von Neumann, a National Socialist and the Superior Scientist.

Albert Einstein. The smiley face of Zionism.

Albert Einstein and John Von Neumann were believed to be involved in the Philadelphia Experiment and the Phoenix Project.

Marion Pettie then met Charles E Marsh, who ran the best private intelligence network of that time period. Marsh’s mentor was the infamous Edward Mandell House, who had negotiated the Versailles Treaty and was a confidante of President Woodrow Wilson, the president who sold America out to the Federal Reserve, a foreign owned banking cartel.

Marsh gave Pettie money to purchase hundreds of acres of farmland in Culpeper County, Virginia. Interestingly, the CIA’s training grounds are called ‘the Farm’ and are located in Virginia.

Marrion Pettie’s son also worked for Air America, a CIA cut-out company. It is unknown if he was a pilot or worked in some other capacity. Air America most likely was used to transport illegal contraband such as drugs and/or humans.

It was Ted Gunderson who discovered the Finder’s Network of operations when he was working the Franklin Cover-Up case.  He was called in as lead investigator on Franklin when private investigator, Gary Caridori, who just had a major break through on the case was murdered in a plane crash along with his eight year old son shortly after takeoff out of Chicago.

It is believed that these cases involve an ongoing international pedophile/murder racket/ring, intelligence services and corporations/banks that are intertwined in a worldwide network of dark occult murders.

Must Read from a Montauk Insider:

Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head II


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