Israel, too White, too Jewish?

Are your ancestors European? Would you like to go back and visit your roots? HALT! You are probably too white and won’t be welcome. Yes, sorry, but according to Jews Europeans are too white and this dangerous white supremacy trend must be stopped. Why? Because they said so damnit!


That’s what the Jews (mainly in America) like to say about Europe. But ironically they also like to say they aren’t white when they live in America (because it’s convenient for them to say that here).

But hold on, they also like to say that Israel is special but A they don’t particularly like black people there and B don’t want any of the immigrants they push on everyone else.

It’s time to reverse this dangerous Jewish supremacy trend. Yes, it is time to organize boat loads of non Jews and descend on them en masse. Because this dangerous trend of Jews thinking they know better needs to stop before it is too late.

Besides, there are only around 2% of them in the US. It’s the Zionist Christians who are their main supporters here, so maybe they would like to be the first ummm, 100,000 — give or take a thousand or two to make a permanent pilgrimage to thouest holy land?

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