Inner and Outer Authority

Awhile ago I came across a blog, Who’s in Charge Here?  It’s incredibly funny.  All you have to do is pick the leader in a group of band members.  And we all know there is one.

It reminded me of this photo of a group of policemen in Venice.  Guess who’s in charge here?

Outer authority serves a purpose.  Good leaders make good decisions on behalf of the group.   They are trusted.

But sometimes we put more emphasis on the outside authority other than the inside.  We feel certain groups and people have it all together and we hand our power over to them.

Turn the outside inside.  Real power is your inner power.  Do you trust it?  Do you read the signs?

I’m a big fan of synchronicty.  Synchronicity is kind of like a hiker’s helper.  Hiker’s helpers are little piles of rocks that hikers look for when they get lost.  They are put there by other hikers to help guide your way.

Synchronicity in Action

I started toying around with this inner and outer authority idea awhile ago.  The way I usually put together posts is in my head.  And sometimes I get hiker’s helpers along the way.

The other day I was over at Hunter Nuttal’s reading a post of his.  In this post he was offering a free ebook by Steve Martile called the Genius Within You.  I thought, sounds cool.  Sixteen pages and it’s free.  So I went over to Steve’s.  He has a site called Freedom Education.  What a great name for a site.  Reminds me of that song by Cat Stevens, “Peace Train.”

I started reading the book.  My mouth fell open.  Exactly the same thoughts I was having expressed in a different way!  And I great book, I might add.  Read it!

So I thanked Steve and promptly told him I would just have to link to this.  It was synchronicity.  It was uncanny.

Back to Hunter’s.  Perusing his posts I notice he has an article on synchronicity.  Another hiker’s helper.  I knew I was on the right path.  Thanks Hunter!

Sure, you could call it chance, you can call it silly crap.  But the point is it made sense to me.  It was my inner authority recognizing the signs.   So sometimes it is a good idea to keep these little things a secret.  Why give your power away?

But I wanted to write a blog post.

The moral of the story?  Focus on your inner authority and look for signs in the outer world to support your inner journey.  You’ll always be on the right path.

Update:  Steve was on a train when he had the epiphany to name his company Freedom Education.  I found this out after I wrote the post and mentioned the name of his company reminded me of the Cat Steven’s song “Peace Train.”  More synchronicity!  Hint: You can find it in his video…

Photocredit: © Ellen Wilson

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20 thoughts on “Inner and Outer Authority”

  1. @ Writer Dad – Yes, that’s what I’m saying! What is a Tivo? Is it a car?

    @Steve – I’m glad you liked it. But Steve, you missed the reference to “Peace Train” and the fact that you WERE on a train when you came up with the name, Freedom Education. More synchronicity!

    It also occured to me that I need to mention what a great read your ebook is. Time to edit!

  2. E, I love synchronicity and I love this post. Synchronicity is like having a musical note in your head and along the way you meet other notes, at the end all of the notes form a harmony that makes a beautiful song. I think the guy without the band around his leg may be the leader but not sure. Great post that makes me think and awesome links. Thanks E!

  3. Ellen, you KNOW that I love you, but I am too cynical to believe in these things.

    A dear friend of mine quotes his grandpa as saying something like:

    “Never mind the womenfolk, with their talk of God and Heaven and divine intervention. It is all random nonsense, we were all descended from monkeys, and that’s all there is to it.”

    Now, I know you were not talking in the religious sense and my friends’ grandpa was, but I fell in love with this quote because of the “random nonsense” part.

    Our daily life, the small events that make up our days – even our lives – I really do believe that it’s all random nonsense. “Everything for a reason”? I don’t think so.

    You still like me, right? 🙂

    Vered’s last blog post..Cooking? That’s What Wives Are For! (Wordless Wednesday)

  4. @Karen – I can’t give it away, but I know who it is. I just checked the picture again, there are TWO guys with bands on their legs.

    @Vered – That quote reminds me of my uncle who used to tease my grandma, who was very religious, about how we we’re all descended from monkeys. Man, that irked my grandma. But that was the point!

    I don’t know if monkeys have religion. Maybe they do. We do! And we’re descended from monkeys. So maybe there was some kind of precursor there…

    I won’t say BELIEVE, because believing and thinking about things are two different matters.

    But personally, I don’t think that there is any random nonsense. We are all interconnected. Call me a biologist, call me an atheist, call me anything you want (I step away from categories), but I do think things happen for a reason. And it’s up to us individually to determine why.

    I’ll have to give more examples in later posts. Not to say, “Hey, I’m right!” But just how it’s worked for me.

    Of course I still like you.

  5. Ellen,

    This is a great post, very timely and you speak of synchronicity – when I looked at some of the links you have above, I am sure I felt the same thing you did.

    I’ve been in this zone for a little while, too – perhaps that’s what I’ve been trying to get across in my own blog writing.

    The e-book Steve wrote is a nice little wrapper for my thoughts and feelings (thanks Steve – and you got a new subscriber, too!)

    Lots of things to think about here – and forge into change.


    (PS – I have some news, will catch up with you by email this weekend)

    Brett Legree’s last blog fridays – the worst sickness.

  6. @ Vered – Had an AHA! moment realizing you had a problem that mommy blogger fiasco awhile ago. Well, I’m pretty loyal as a friend so you don’t have to worry about that!

    Like I’ve mentioned, I think it’s healthy for people to disagree. They can have a deeper understanding of eachother if they don’t cling to always being right. Sometimes that’s hard for me, though. I can be stubborn. But I guess I’m learning as time goes on!

    @Hunter – I will have to enter your contest! I guess I meet the criteria. I probably will win because there is no such thing as randomness. Ha!

    @Brett – I’m glad you liked Steve’s ebook. It really is a good read. I’m excited to hear of your news!

  7. Synchronicity rocks! Everyone jump on the peace train 😉 Yep, these are definitely Hiker’s Helpers, little signs to show when we are on the right path. Feels good, doesn’t it? And Freedom Education is a fantastic name for a site.

    Melissa Donovan’s last blog post..A Story for a Song

  8. Hi Melissa,

    I wish everyone would jump on the peace train. I do my little part to help out, and the hiker’s helpers guide me. Yeah, it does feel good.

  9. That’s the guy I was talking about but I wonder why I didn’t just say “guy with glasses?” Hmmm, interesting. Maybe I no longer focus on glasses since I don’t have to wear them. Oh well, there’s no figuring out what goes on in my head…Thanks for the answer! Ha! I was right! Oh yeah, right on for the Peace Train! 🙂

  10. I like the way you began the post :-0)

    “Focus on your inner authority and look for signs in the outer world to support your inner journey” Very true indeed.


  11. @Karen – He’s the only guy without bands around his leg. I don’t know if he was the actual leader, or not. I just could tell he was in charge.

    @Shamelle – Hi and welcome to my blog. I checked yours out too and it looks very good. I’ll add you to my feed.

    @Barbara – I’m sure it happens to everyone. But some people just don’t notice it.

  12. I love that Peace Train song, listen to it over and over. Makes me cry, the hope in that song.

    Synchronicity has fascinated me all my life. I am obsessed with WHY it happens and why it sometimes doesn’t happen for months or years. When it doesn’t happen, I worry that I may be on the wrong path.

    @ Vered… I’m really glad you had the courage to bring up gramps’ quote — I hear it all the time too from the old man. I respect and like to hear all opinions as I am always searching for the answers.

    Following the clues of synchronicity is like a religion; I think it is fair to make a connection there: it gives hope when there is none, it makes hard times tolerable. Whether synchronicity is real or hokey-pokey brain tricks, doesn’t matter if it can bring some peace to a person’s mind.

    I think the birds, bees, and trees live in synchronicity and yet they don’t debate it in their minds like we do; signs bring them to sex, food, or death. They follow the wind. They know when an earthquake is coming.

    We on the other hand are tortured by choice and reason.

    Jaden @ Screenwriting for Hollywood’s last blog post..Sunday Picture Post 23 / Extraordinary

  13. Absolutely not chance. I have had way too many incidents of synchronicity to call them chance. And while I always amazed by them, I have never thought of them as hikers helpers. That is absolutely brilliant. Sometimes, it’s small things that are just fun. Like one day I was driving along, and totally randomly thought, gee, I wonder what ever happened to the Bay city Rollers? (Don’t ask where that came from!) No word of a lie, 10 minutes latter the dj starts talking about what happened to each member of the Bay City Rollers! Okay, that’s just fun stuff. However, you are absolutely correct. Once I resolve to do something, POOF, those hikers helpers show up left right and centre. Thank you! I now have an even greater appreciation of synchronicity.

    Urban Panther’s last blog post..A night at Navarra

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