Ideas for Writing an Ebook

Surprisingly I’m not selling you an ebook on ideas for writing an ebook.   I have yet to write an ebook.  I’ve written two novels, numerous short stories, countless articles and other assorted content but no ebook.  But I have some ideas for you.

The standard advice for writers is write what you know.  If you have online content and have been watching your statistics through Google Analytics or another statistical program you have some article numbers.  Clearly some of your articles have risen to the top while many have fallen.  I bet these are your evergreen articles, or articles that stay pertinent throughout time.  I bet you are proud of these articles and happy that they are still popular.  Congratulations.  There is interest in your topic.

Why not capitalize on this?  Expand your popular article or articles into an ebook.  This post is not on how to write your ebook or on how to market it, it is simply a few ideas on getting you started on making more money for your creative efforts.  Most ebooks are from thirty to one hundred pages and range in price from ten to 40 dollars.  It amazes me that ebooks rival in price to traditional books, in many cases they cost more, but this doesn’t seem to deter people.   I think it has to do with ease of access to the information.  While you have to wait at to get your books through the mail you an speedily download content on your mobile device.   There is also content out there that you cannot easily access in a tradtional print format.  Check out what editor Jane Friedman says about ebook statistics.

But what if there is something you are passionate about but you don’t know much about?  Then this is another approach.   If you are just starting out as a writer or have been heavily into research about a topic you just can’t get enough of but your friends think you should put a cork in it…there you go.  Put a cork in it for them but uncork it for your eager readers.  How do you know if it will sell?  Do a little research via Analytics and other resources.  Are there magazines devoted to the topic?  I know of one writer who writes about planes.  This writer is a specialist; she used to be a pilot and also sells articles to magazines about flying and planes.  She also sells ebooks regarding these topics.  So whether your a chess fanatic or a Barbie collector, there are people who want to know what you know.


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