Give Me Travel or Give Me Death

Purple haired Barbie, copyright Ellen Wilson

Hi Everyone,

Surprised I survived the garage sale?  It seems Ellen has grown very fond of me – attached, so to speak, and will be keeping me around.  Sure, Carolyn was ready to sell me out for a measley $2.00, but my purple curls and dramatic makeup has reserved me a spot in the toy box of the ninety year old.

The toy box of the ninety year old is wear Ellen puts all the near and dear toys she will play with when she is that age.    Who knows what kind of toys will be around then?  Ellen wants something familiar to play with.

The last time you saw me I was hit by a meme tomatoe,  (notice the E, maybe it was a British or Canadian tomatoe, and a GM free fruit!), and rather uncomfortable it was, I may add.

Yes, I’ve had a rough life.  Ellen rescued me from a junk shop in Canada in Blind River.  Yes, the same Blind River Neil Young sang about in “Long May You Run.” This will be my theme song.

This horrid three year old used to “own” me.  She would tease the family dog by grabbing my hair and shoving my legs in front of the dog’s face.  As if this wasn’t enough, she then chewed off my toes herself!  And my thumbs.  After these horrid incidents I developed a bit of doll PSTD (post traumatic stress disorder for the uninitiated).

It was good to rest in that Canadian junk shop, but like all good travelers, I had to get out and face my fears.

So here I am.  Oh, and since I am a Canadian Barbie, please call me CB.  I will be affectionately known here after and for the end of time as CB.

Enough about me.  Ellen wanted me to tell you she is going to be gone for while, until the middle of next week.  She is going to Montreal and Vermont.  Sounds nice.  I wish I could come, but unfortunately I have to hold down the fort.

If you have some time feel free to drop Ellen a line, telling her what you are up to.  She’ll be glad to hear from you.

Photocredit: © Ellen Wilson

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11 thoughts on “Give Me Travel or Give Me Death”

  1. Dear CB,

    I am surprised that you actually have clothes on. Your fellow Canadian Barbies, who are currently residing in a plastic bin in my storage area, are pretty much all naked. Sure they are surrounded by their clothes, but none of them see to actually be wearing the outfits. And you are quite fortunate! I have to admit to the horrendous crime of throwing out the Barbies that had their toes chewed off by their two little owners.

    Tell Ellen to enjoy her trip. Having just returned from Montreal, myself, I am pretty sure she will have a fantastic time.

    Urban Panther’s last blog post..Over Exposure

  2. Dear CB,

    To tell the truth, I’m surprised a pretty young thing like you wasn’t snapped right up! Never mind the missing fingers and toes, it’s common enough in irresistible specimens like you. You’re still quite a looker. Keep on keeping on, Dollface!

    Steph’s last blog post..Getting There

  3. Well CB the first thing I noticed (and loved) is your clothing. Thank you for not being tarted up like the other trashy hooker dolls. Ellen is a good egg so you’re lucky to have found a home with her. Tell E to have a great time. She is missed and we can’t wait to hear and see all about here adventures when she returns.

  4. Hi CB,

    Have I got a friend for you. Back in 1961 (when I lived in Michigan) I got an AB (American Barbie), with a black and white swimsuit and a beautiful black sequined dress. Come on by and we can play dress up.

    BTW: I love your hair. AB has a bubble cut (in red) 🙂

    Barbara Swafford’s last blog post..Your Today Is My Tomorrow

  5. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for being nice to CB. She deserves it. I think she did a great job holding down the fort and throwing out the weird comments.

    It’s good to be back in town again. E

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