Getting Rid of Junk and Adding Some

Garage Sale, copyright Ellen Wilson

The other day I had a garage sale to get rid of junk.

When all of this stuff became “junk” I cannot recall, but when it did it wound up in the loft of the garage.  When it came time to sell it it wound up in the bottom of the garage and in the driveway.

It always seems we are acquiring more material things to make us happy.  We attach to them for a period of time and then we grow less fond of them.

Right now I don’t care much for material things.  Maybe someday I’ll buy a Porsche, but right now it doesn’t really interest me.  Of course if I could afford a Porsche, I probably wouldn’t be having a gararge sale.

The material I care about is creative, and my home is the stable base of my creative foundation.  My house will be 100 years old in 2012.  I think I will throw it a birthday party.

My Internet house is my blog, and it is only about six months old.  A mere baby, though that might seem like a long time in Internet time, since everything moves so fast here – like the speed of light.

You will notice that I have been accumulating some junk here – like Adsense.  I am trying to make a bit of change on my blog as I did at my garage sale because we all know blog posts take time to write and it’s nice to try and pay yourself for all that effort.   I don’t expect to make a lot of money, as I have noticed many of you bemoaned the fact that Adsense doesn’t pay very well, if at all.  If you have any Adsense advice please feel free to share.

I also have added a Amazon Showcase plugin by Aaron Forgue.  I like the fact that you can choose the books you want on your blog.  Where as you can’t choose the ads from Adsense, and some of the ads seem kind of stupid – things about swords and helicopters on some of my posts.

There is a nice plugin I uploaded by Joe Tan that keeps track of your Google Analytics data and RSS feed subscription data called WordPress Reports.  I downloaded this plugin to track who was coming and going because I plan to sell my stock photography from this site.  I will sell my own stock or get in with another stock company, I haven’t decided yet.  Either way I will probably advertise from this site.  And as my Marketing and Sales Goddess friend, Karen Swim says, marketing is the precursor to sales.

Since I have been messing around with my RSS feed account I may have messed up the settings, so if you do subscribe to my blog, 1. thank you, and 2. please add the feed again if it doesn’t work because like I said, I may have messed up the settings.

Also, if you have any questions about any plugins or what nots you see on my site, please ask.  There are no secrets in this house.  If I can share some information with you, I would be happy to.

All I ask is that you wipe your feet on the mat and don’t break the China.

Photocredit: © Ellen Wilson

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12 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Junk and Adding Some”

  1. Hi Ellen! Happy 4th of July! I like the new additions and really appreciate you sharing. I have found it helpful to get blog and WP tips from people I know and trust rather than slogging through Google to find what I need. Selling your photos is a great idea, you are very talented and there’s a need for good photos. It is amazing how easy it is to accumulate stuff. When I moved from CA to MI I downsized and I have tried to not accumulate things. These days, I prefer to keep it simple and I really don’t care much about material things. I’d rather put my money to good use to help others than to have a million dollar house or expensive car. Nice picture of your house, it looks very neat too! 🙂 Thanks for the link Ellen! I’m going to enjoy some sunshine. Enjoy the day!

  2. Stumbled across your website and was delighted to find some great advice here. I am new to blogging, and I agree with Karen’s comment that I would much rather learn the ropes from someone who has been there done that.

    As for the accumulation of stuff, just over a year ago I moved from a 2200 square foot home, to an 800 square foot apartment and I took my Professional Organizer brother’s advice ( and asked myself 2 questions regarding every single possession I owned before packing. 1) absolutely love it? 2) absolutely need it? If I couldn’t answer yes to one of those questions, out it went. Whew! It was quite freeing.

    Now I have the onerous task of working my way through my boyfriend’s home asking him the same two questions. Man does he have a lot of stuff. And I refuse to fully move in until he is ‘stuff free’ *smile*

    Urban Panther’s last blog post..Exposure

  3. I read that most bloggers give up after 2-3 months, so 6 months is awesome!

    Re Adsense, no real advice except ProBlogger covered it so you might want to check out his archives if you haven’t already. I make very little, but it’s still nice. Little is better than nothing. 🙂

    On accumulating possessions.. I am getting better at that too. STUFF just isn’t that important, is it?

    vered’s last blog post..Will You Still Love Me When I’m Sixty Four?

  4. Ellen — I’m not much attached to material belongings. I tend to buy things at the local thrift stores, where the benefits go to support a women’s shelter, as often as I can. This way, when I give the things away — mostly books, sometimes clothes — I don’t feel too badly about it, because it didn’t cost much, and at least someone got some good out of it even if it wasn’t me.

    I definitely think you should have a birthday party for your house. And take pictures. 🙂

    Amy Derby’s last blog post..How I Scored Two New Freelance Blogging Jobs While Waiting For a Train

  5. @Karen – Thanks for vote of confidence with my photos. I agree, getting tips from people you know and trust is better than looking forever in WordPress for plugins, which can take a lot of time. I’ve done that too, perused WP for hours looking for useful “junk.” Some plugins work and some don’t. Sometimes I don’t install them correctly and have to go back and do it again.

    @Urban Panther – I’m glad you could find something useful here. There is a lot to learn when you are new to blogging, and you never stop learning. Everything evolves quickly on the Internet and it’s hard to stay on top of it all. It is really freeing when you get rid of a bunch of stuff. One thing that got me to get rid of a bunch of knick knacks was when my husband said he refused to dust them. That kind of stopped me in my tracks. I didn’t want to dust them either. So off to the garage with the knick knacks.

    @Vered – Yeah, I read that too, about bloggers. I don’t know why bloggers give up so early. I guess the love affair is over for them. A little money is nice. I suppose I will have to go over and read Problogger’s archives. The problem is with Adsense is that many people use Firefox to turn off the ads, so I wonder if it’s even worth it. I guess I’ll find out.

    @Amy – I love the thrift stores! I buy all my clothes at these stores. In fact, I can hardly see paying outlandish “normal” prices for clothing anymore. It doesn’t seem worth it. I have a hard time parting with books, fiction, maybe, but I have accumulated a lot of non fiction that I use for research. Books are the one thing I’m really attached to.

    Good idea about the house pictures. I will give my house an official birthday in 2012. Maybe even the fourth of July.

  6. Hi Ellen! Happy 4th! I love cleaning out all the junk and getting rid of it, and I always try to get rid of more than I accumulate but that never happens 😉 Stock photography is a great idea, one I’ve been toying with myself for the last few months. I’m looking forward to reading more about that! iStock Photo looks pretty good to me.

    Melissa Donovan’s last blog post..July News and Announcements

  7. Hi Melissa, Happy belated 4th to you too.

    I didn’t know you were interested in selling stock photography. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

    At first I thought there would be a glut of photos due to Flickr, and other free services, but it turns out there is a continual need for images.

  8. @Ellen, Yes, it’s something I’ve been thinking about but I just haven’t had time. Originally, I wanted to do it because often, I search Flickr or iStock and cannot find simple images that I’m looking for. I started taking some of my own and they weren’t half bad. I just need a little extra time to get organized!

    Melissa Donovan’s last blog post..July News and Announcements

  9. Hi Ellen,

    I hope you had a happy 4th and a relaxing weekend. Just today I made the flyer for our neighborhood garage sale. It’s an annual event and I love it as I get rid of so much “stuff”. Every year I say, “well I don’t have anything left for next year’s sale”, but as my tastes change and I simplify further, the “stuff” piles up.

    It’s always a great feeling to get that excess out of the house. In the meantime, now when I buy anything I have to absolutely love it before I will open my wallet. It’s helping to avoid unnecessary accumulation of things.

    Barbara Swafford’s last blog post..Commenting vs Social Media-Is One Better

  10. @Melissa – We will have a lot to talk about when I get home! I definitely think there is a market out there for good pictures.

    @Barbara – I’m getting to the point where I have to absolutely love it to buy it, or else I pass it by. Now I’m just down to the necessities. Unfortunately kids seem to think they need all this name brand junk.

    I might have another sale mid to late August since everything is already labeled and once again placed in the loft.

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