Today didn’t go as planned, and I’m tired. I just need to rest my head and daydream awhile. Today is the kind of day I have to ask myself where I’m heading with my plans. Enough of this crazy activity. I have been working non-stop. What kind of roots am I laying down?When you build your dreams, your business,your whatever; you must have a firm foundation to rest it on. Or else you find your self blown every which way. Roots are good and will give you a firm sense of who you are.

I struggle with this because I am a wanderer. I love to travel, but I need a place to call home. Home is inside you, as much as it is outside you – in the community.

I’m old fashioned; I like Victorians. They have been around a long time and are well rooted. Although the kitchens are tiny, you can still manage to cook a good pot of soup. Want some? Food for the soul. Welcome to my home.

Photo Credit: © Ellen Wilson

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