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I interrupt our normal programming schedule to make an announcement.

I would like you to do me a favor.  I do not usually do this, and I probably won’t very often.

But I found out an article I wrote received 171 Diggs including my Digg vote, which officially makes it 172.  No, I’m no Maki of Dosh Dosh fame who recently said he had 1000 posts hit the front pages of Digg, but it is a little tid bit I can put in my portfolio to pull out and show to an editor.

The article is about environmental degradation in China.  Could you digg it for me?

One of my specialties is writing about natural resources and the environment.

And even though I didn’t find out that it got a substantial (to me anyway) number of Digg hits until it had been up and running for around 20 days, I still think it is important information regarding the environmental problems they are having in China. In other words, it’s still newsworthy.

I hope you find it interesting reading.

Thank you very much.

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16 thoughts on “Ellen Wilson in the News”

  1. Done. 🙂

    It WAS an interesting read. I visited China in the nineties and was warned against drinking the water. I also knew that the air is heavily polluted, but wasn’t aware of the rest.

    Vered’s last blog post..Oops. Outed.

  2. @Writer Dad & Vered – Thank you so much!

    @Vered – I did tweet it a few days ago and got little response. I was surprised!

    You amaze me how fast you are. Lightning speed.

  3. Vered – I don’t think we are, now that you mention it. I will add you tomorrow. I’m turning in for the night. It’s 10:00 pm EST and I’m getting sleepy.

  4. I popped over and dugg it, great and timely article E! I also tweeted it. You are almost at 180. Going back to share it in more places. 🙂 Also, I love what Liz says about self promotion, when you love what you do it’s not self-promotion, you’re just talking from your heart about what you do. 🙂

  5. You’re at 180 now. 😉

    Good too see people getting the word out on these items. I used to work for the WorldWatch Institute, shortly after Lester Brown left and started the Earth Policy Institute, both excellent sources of information!

  6. I digg-ed it. Or is that dugg it? My father did guest teaching in 2 universities in China. He and my mother were there for 6 weeks. My father now has a permanent black spot on a lung. Not cancer, thankfully!, but literally a permanent spot of black gunk. My mother now has pollution induced asthma. As well, in the one university he taught in, there was one light switch for the entire campus. The lights were on or they were off. When he was asked why, he was told they didn’t trust the students to turns the lights off when they left a room. This made sense to someone!

    Urban Panther’s last blog post..Please don’t make me eat that

  7. @ Karen – Thanks! Yes, I think it is timely too. Right in time for the Olympics. And thanks for all your extra effort. I appreciate it.

    @hrycan – Thank you for stopping by and digging it! Yes, it is very important to get the words out about environmental problems. Working for WorldWatch Institute would be extremely interesting. I’ve always relied on that agency for solid facts.

    @Urban Panther – I think it’s dugg. Past tense. I’m sorry to hear your parents suffered the ill effects of city pollution so quickly. I can’t get over it happened so fast.

    And thank you very much for the digg!

  8. I’m Digg-in. Your article is timely since I recently watched a documentary about Wal-Mart and there was a segment about the horrific conditions for the Wal-Mart factory workers in China. It was absolutely appalling. Clearly, in addition to better environmental laws (and practices), they need to improve their labor laws.

    And don’t even get me started on how the Chinese government treats animals or we’ll be here all day.

    Melissa Donovan’s last blog post..A Story for a Song

  9. Melissa,

    Thanks for Digg-in-it.

    That’s one reason why US workers are losing their jobs. It’s cheaper for these corporations to do business overseas, or Mexico. It is appalling! I can’t believe the people who run big businesses like Walmart would even let the workers suffer like they do. Well, yeah, I take that back. The almighty dollar rules.

    I know how you feel about the treating animals aspect. I don’t really believe in a hierachy of beings. I take spiders outside so I don’t have to kill them! But I’m not a vegetarian and I don’t like the way agribusiness slaughters animals either.

    I should go out and hunt if I really want to be fair about it all. Animals in the wild live a much better existence. I really can’t bring myself to do that either, even though I do know how to shoot a gun. I just don’t like suffering. But is it fair for me to expect others to do the dirty work so I can get my meat?

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