CERN, Aleister Crowley, and that Old Black Majick

CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) is really an updated ‘high tech’ equivalent of very old, dark occult magick.  Purportedly there is a scientific motive for CERN. But there are other speculations. Because, let’s face it, science and the occult go hand in hand.

The occult has always been in existence, at least as far as we humans are concerned. Some examples are Neanderthals burying their dead in red ochre, hoping that the Earth would receive them well in her womb (and therefore be reborn); and people doing experiments involving praying over grass to make it grow better. Surprise, surprise. It does.

Accordingly, magician adepts have always known about beings that could be contacted to do their bidding, and the ultimate illusion of space/time. These magician adepts knew that the universal space/time fabric could be changed, or bend, according to their wills.

Christopher Marlowe warned of these dark occult undertakings in Doctor Faustus.

Aleister Crowley, a dark magician well versed in subterfuge and camouflage, was also well versed in the dark occult.  Crowley was employed by the the British Secret Service (read the bankers, City of London) during WWII.(1) He liked to frolick around with Jack Parsons of JPL fame, and his consort, Marjorie Cameron.  The threesome were trying to break into space/time and open a portal.

Did they?

1. Spence Richard B. (2008) Secret Agent 666.  Port Townsend, WA: Feral House.

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