Military History: WWII, Vietnam, the Occult, etc…

A presentation by Douglas Dietrich.

Douglas Dietrich worked for the Department of Defense. He also worked for Michael Aquino. He has a vast knowledge of history and the occult.

There is also extensive information on the Presidio Daycare Abuse Case.

Consider this as excellent background for what is going on in the world today.  If you don’t understand the past, you will most certainly never understand the present.



Cynthia McKinney’s Great Ideas


Great Interview & Ideas regarding the money financiers at the campaign table and 2020 election. “We the people have to have a counter veiling force that will protect us and PROJECT OUR OWN CHOICES for candidates.”

Exactly, instead of being blind sided by the a well oiled candidate’s rhetoric and big funded games and empty promises we can side step them.

This very same day that this interview aired, Democracy Now aired a video illustrating what Cynthia McKinney was talking about in regards to corporate financing. The problem is that the so called ‘progressive Democrats’ are also funded in hidden ways, so watch the interview with McKinney to learn about it.

Cynthia also talks about how traps are constantly set for her to discredit her. She tells an interesting story about how she was contacted by a mysterious caller with a heavy
Russian accent…

If we the people are every going to get our country back we are going to have to learn about who is financing who and work around the big money games.

So put on your investigative journalist hat and do some digging to figure it out. Because the mainstream media will play one left/right side off each other, because the left/right are bought and sold mouthpieces along with their corresponding ‘journalists.’


Dysfunctional: The Jared, Ivanka and Trump Triangle

President Trump is a caricature and a charade.  Some PR firm’s fantasy of the ideal American patriot — white, blond, wealthy and male — that would appeal to a certain type of demographic.  A packaged type: A bit cowboyish, with a rough-and-tumble kind of attitude, and for those who are afraid to say what they think…Donald Trump will say it for you.  A situation that is exploited and “…invoked primarily to bolster a post-election narrative favored by political and media elites.”

Some people think he is an oxymoron with his frenetic all caps tweets and bombastic head spinning bipolar ramblings…Mainly he is a moron.

He is an emotionally retarded child trapped in a seventy-three year old’s body.

Talks about ‘grabbing pussies’ and is nothing but a mop-headed orange gangster groomed by sadistic psychopath homosexual Roy Cohn.

But of course his evangelically Christ challenged crowd base will lap it up as they continue to pimp America out to hasten the ‘end times’ which leaves one to wonder about the state of their morals. And souls.

So what can we expect from a woman who grew up with a father like this?

Daddy’s little pet princess. The apple of his eye in a strangely concocted emotionally incestuous drama in the Whitehouse. Believe you me, this is every MKUltra shrinks blackmailing dream team scenario to give the goods to Israel and the rah-rah war crowd.

Ivanka works on Trump for her ever watchful snake eyed husband Jared, who is always on the make for Israel and the gangsters, sex/drug traffickers, and the wardom/whoredom profiteers in general.

Ivanka and Jared need to be removed from the Whitehouse. They are putting the security of the United States in jeopardy by working for Israel and it’s allies and against what is good for the American people.

67% of Americans don’t know what Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump actually do in the White House

Chabad inside the White House: A clear and present national security danger

‘Kushner Inc.’ Author Claims Jared And Ivanka Pose A Danger In The White House


White House official OVERRULES FBI security recommendations 30 TIMES – shock claim

House Dems seek to subpoena former White House official over security clearances


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