Sun, Sea and Satan Symbolism

Filmmaker Bill Maloney travels to the isle of Jersey and discovers a bizarre secret many people do not want to discuss for fear of their lives. The police are run off the case. There is a conspiracy and cover-up.

The depraved and barbaric elite use symbolism to convey what they enacting with their sacrifices. In one scene of the documentary, the filmmakers drive by a residence where are statues of bird and two small child like figures performing lewd acts with genitalia. The bird is a hawk, and symbolizes Horus, and the aeon of Horus of which the barbaric elite wish to summon by their depraved acts with children.

There is another scene where the filmmakers discover a strange looking idol or statue in a window of Saint Xavier Psychiatric Hospital. The skeleton type figure has a plastic looking apple around its neck. The apple symbolizes Adam and Eve’s fall from paradise in the Biblical tradition. The apple around the neck signifies the chain to this reality. This knowledge of good and evil has brought them to this point, and since they have been expelled from the Biblical paradise, they are destined to be used as inert matter by this barbaric elite who feel they are their betters.


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Who is Charlton Heston?

Who is Charlton Heston?

Charlton Heston as Ben-Hur

Do you know who this man is?

In one of his roles he’s a famous Hollywood actor. He is also the best of friends with Louis Jolyon West, infamous MKUltra psychiatrist.

An Evening with Margaret Thaler Singer and Louis Jolyon West - YouTube
Louis Jolyon West


Charlton Heston grew up in St Helen, Michigan. He was originally from Evanston, Illinois, an extremely wealthy ‘suburb’ outside of Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan.

His political career led him from desegregating lunch counters to being a vocal advocate of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Apparently he had the skills–what they call in actors parlance, ‘a wide range,’ of being able to play anyone or anything.

There are some accusations:

“Charlton Heston was a bi-sexual lover of the young, Marlon Brando had

sex with his son Christian and daughter Cheyenne, and innumerable

Hollywood celebrities were gay prostitutes or bi-sexual prostitutes.”

Then there is the curious coincidence that Louis Jolyon West sounds a lot like Bruce Danto, OCCK psychiatrist, in his ‘on the scene’ investigations of a serial murderer :

“It fell to West to decide if Shaver had been legally sane at the time of the murder. Shaver spent the next two weeks under West’s supervision. They returned to the scene of the crime, trying to jog his memory. Later, West hypnotized Shaver and gave him an injection of sodium pentothal, or “truth serum,” to see if he could clear his amnesia.

While Shaver was under, according to testimony, he recalled the events of that night. He confessed to killing Horton. She’d brought out repressed memories of his cousin, “Beth Rainboat,” who’d sexually abused him as a child. Shaver had started drinking at home that night when he “had visions of God, who whispered into his ear to seek out and kill the evil girl Beth.”


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Vatican Modern Art: The Detroit Connection

When Pope Paul IV said that the “smoke of Satan had now entered the Church of God“¹ he decided to use Modern Art as a tool to reflect this unholy reverence.  The artwork especially made for this Satanic purpose would be called La Resurrezione (The Resurrection).

The Resurrection by Pericle Fazzini

The bronze sculpture had been commissioned by Pope Paul VI to Pericle Fazzini in 1965; this would be at the conclusion of the second Vatican Council. The work was inaugurated in the presence of Paul IV in September 1977.²

At the end of his life Fazzini wrote,“Death and life, one thing: they are part of the infinite mystery of men and invisible insects that are equal in this ever more mysterious universe that is never consumed.”³

Interesting thoughts by one who was commissioned to create The Resurrection sculpture that portrayed Jesus rising from a nuclear blast in the Garden of Gethsemane.

It appears that the time period of the commissioning the art and the inauguration of the diabolical statuary was part of a magickal working designed by those in the know who had ushered in the smoke of Satan. Those within the know may attend one of the four Scottish Rite lodges situated within eight city blocks that make up the Vatican State; many of the highest Vatican officials are Freemasons.4

Clearly the infiltration of the modern art crowd was just the provenance the Vatican needed in order to guide the faithful towards it’s modernist ideals.  The Vatican American art agent, Lawrence Fleishman, Detroit native and owner of the Kennedy Galleries in New York, was in charge of obtaining art for Pope Paul’s approval. The pontiff clearly had a preference for Jewish artists, almost 60 percent of his selections were by Jewish artists, perhaps reflecting the Church’s reorientation with other faiths through the proclamation Nostra Aetate.5 

Lawrence Fleischman worked with the homosexual Cardinal Terence Cooke to establish the Friends of the Vatican Museum.  Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza was on the museum’s committee. Interestingly, Barbara Fleischman described the baron as, “…a very, very patrician man, but very wicked—…and very much fun. She also said that, “…his friendship with Larry [her husband] was very, very special.6,7 The Thyssen family were wealthy patriotic German industrialists who supported Hitler during the war.8

The Fleischmans were also good friends with Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, who was accused by Anthony Raimondi of killing Pope John Paul I.9 Not only was the archbishop involved in Vatican art procurements, but he was basically the pope’s right hand man in financial affairs.

Marcinkus was president of the Vatican bank and after Pope Paul’s death in 1978 he was reconfirmed as president of the bank by Pope John Paul II, who ordained him as an archbishop in 1981. He was then indicted in the multibillion dollar financial collapse of the Banco Ambrosiana in 1982.10

He is quoted as saying, “You Can’t Run a Church on Hail Marys.”

Marcinkus is also accused of ordering the kidnapping of 15 year old Emanuela Orlandi, who disappeared on June 22, 1983.11


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