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Make a Lightbox

A lightbox is a photographic tool for shooting photos in evenly diffused light.  Lightboxes are often used in advertising photography to present a clean, crisp image. I recorded the steps of constructing a lightbox to demonstrate how simple it is … Continue reading

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The Power of Perspective in Photography

Famous landmarks – the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Queen Elizabeth, have been photographed from the same angle – the same way, so many times you almost expect it.  They are iconic.  And when something is iconic it seems almost … Continue reading

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The Disappearing Barns of the Midwest

I’ve given myself a photo assignment – documumenting the disappearing barns of the Midwest. At the turn of the century, barns could be found all over the place because there were a lot more small farms.  In 1900 close to 40% … Continue reading

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