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Venezuela; National Sovereignty

Narcissistic millenial ass loving idiots proving to be fuel for the fire fodder for destruction of Venezuela. #retarded.  But go on, continue with your aping of the butt loving #kardashians you shameful primates…     “The significant underlying reason for … Continue reading

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Psyops and the Illuminati Entertainment Biz

One of the ways that the masses of people are conditioned is through operant or classical conditioning.  BF Skinner and Ivan Pavlov were the founders of the behavioral branch of psychology which seeks to understand how people are influenced by … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Memoir Meme

What time is it?  It’s meme time! Recently I returned from Vermont to find the lovely Sandie Law of Geeked Off! tagged me with a meme.  Sandie likes to talk of all things geeky and wonderful and since I would like … Continue reading

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