The REAL TRUTH About Secret Societies


This is, hands down, the best book I have read concerning secret societies. If you are confused about world events and wonder why humanity is ensnared in what seems like a downward spiral…Read this book! Many people who join these societies will be surprised they are simply dupes, usable energetic ‘bits’ for a ‘greater cause.’ If you wonder why Western Civilization and Christianity is being viciously attacked…Read this book! You’ll find the answers here on how they operate and why.

And may God Bless You.


As the three grades of ordinary Masonry included a great number of men opposed, by position and principle, to every project of social subversion, the innovators multiplied the degrees of the mystic ladder to be climbed. They created occult lodges reserved for ardent souls … shadowy sanctuaries whose doors were only open to the adept after a long series of proofs calculated to test the progress of his revolutionary education.

LOUIS BLANC-French Revolution


In all he did, in all he taught,
he kept this aim in sight :
To get the deeds of darkness done, disguised as works of light.
He spread his poison, slow and sure, through many a specious sect,
And made the evil seem the good, bamboozling God’s elect.

The Coming of Lucifer. By X.


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Time Machine: Solve JFK’s Murder in 8 Hours Max

L Fletcher Prouty said that he could solve President Kennedy’s murder in 7 or 8 hours. He was correct. The obvious contamination and mishandling of the crime scene — as in so many false flags (9/11),  is readily apparent in what the perps modus operandi (MO) truly was.

One of the first people I’d drag in for questioning is this guy, Lyndon Baines Johnson:

Why? Doesn’t the video describe his evil Darth Vador intentions?  The hand gestures and creepy voice theatrics are an added bonus.

Not only that, but they were sneaking up on everyone like JFK had said:

Lyndon Baines Johnson was very interested in securing dominion over planet Earth via the military industrial complex, while Kennedy was working on dialing down the war in Vietnam, making sure Israel did NOT get nukes, and was working on scientific collaborative efforts with various countries regarding scientific advances in space related technology.

The James Forrestal and JFK UFO connection

James Forrestal, United States Secretary of the Navy, was friends with JFK, who at one time was in Naval Intelligence, (ONI).  Did he tell JFK of this tightly knit, secret cabal’s plans? A cabal that operated outside of legal and governmental jurisdiction, which in fact is the global deep state. Did he know of these things, along with perhaps Werner von Braun?  Of whom Kennedy gave a long searching look when meeting with him at the NASA facility to peruse the latest gadgetry. Remember, it was Werner von Braun who briefed Carol Rosin, who had worked closely with von Braun in alerting the public to the secret world of the military industrial complex. And it was Forrestal who went to Germany to bring back Nazi Paperclip scientists.

James Forrestal in Berlin. JFK is in the back of the entourage
JFK visits James Forrestal’s Grave on Memorial Day 1963

So in light of all of the above, could the alleged ‘UFO crash’ in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, have been a false flag, a psyop, to create the secrecy and structure of a corporatized deep state that was needed to develop the secret space programs?

Who were these people, these entities of the ‘highly efficient machine’ that JFK spoke of?  The people that had everything to gain in privatizing defense, perpetual war, and the technology of mind control.  Basically turning the economy into one of war profiteering.

John Alexander, Gordon Novel and Victoria Alexander

The people today, that back in the day, may have plotted his demise, and may have been there on the scene of his killing, like Gordon Novel.  He is seen in the picture below palling around with John B Alexander, who apparently switched careers from being a hard core mercenary, to becoming a thanatologist (one who studies death).  Alexander is also associated with Robert Bigelow’s Skinwalker Ranch.  And it was Gordon Novel, who, suddenly in a philanthropic mood, wanted to give free energy to the masses and solve the energy crisis, but was inconveniently harassed by the CIA for his efforts. 

The woman sitting with them is Alexander’s wife Victoria, who at one time wrote a blog called the Devil’s Hammer. She is acquainted with the nuclear physicist Edward Teller, seen below.  Wonder if they’re discussing the links to the occult and physics?  

Victoria Alexander and Edward Teller

The people who planned Kennedy’s murder designed the ritual to generate the largest amount of trauma to gain the greatest energetic outcome from the event which they used for their dark occult purposes. This then set the stage for the evil corporatized space program entities to make their debut.

This is the world in which we find ourselves.


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The Real Reason Kennedy was Killed

Nov. 9, 1960, Caroline Kennedy gets a piggy-back ride from her father, Sen. John F. Kennedy, in Hyannis Port, Mass.  (AP Photo)


The oceans, the atmosphere, outer space, belong not to one nation, or one ideology,  but to all mankind.

John F Kennedy
Weather Modification Speech, September 25, 1961


The reason that Kennedy was killed was because he wanted a far more equitable system for all of humanity. The ‘humans’ (if they are humans is debatable) behind the monetary system and their vast war machine composed of not only guns and tanks but also of the latest scientific gadgetry to control, guide and exploit the Earth and the human population like one big terrarium, saw fit to get rid of him in the most deplorable and traumatic way possible in full view of everyone. Displayed over and over, on television, and as Andy Warhol  said, you couldn’t get away from it. Just like 9/11. You couldn’t get away from it and still can’t. Because the system that he was trying to change for the good of humanity went full bloom like a crazy toxic orchid after he was killed.

And the ‘humans’ who are orchestrating these events constantly wreak havoc on humanity. And they will continue to do so. Because that is what they do.

Learn more about Weather Control here.


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