The Stupid Greater Israel Project

Recently Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu said that Sweden’s Margot Wallstrom’s call for a probe into Israelis killing Palestinians is stupid.

Of course, non-gullible Goyim know that Netanyahu and the Rothschild pet playground of Israel are the stupid ones.

How do we know this?

Because they are either 1. Killing nearly everyone in the Middle East with their psychopath buddies in Saudi Arabia and Turkey with their Bitch the USA’s military and 2. Flooding Europe with millions of refugees due to these fake post 9/11 ‘wars.’

No worries Europeans. Israel has its Wisconsin Jew woman mensch, Barbara Spectre to solve all your problems by leading the way for European diversity, because apparently you guys simply aren’t multicultural enough.

Also everyone is supposed to be pissed off at Arabs now because a bunch of not so secret agent provocateur fake Muslims are abusing women?

Well you see, some Jews in general and Israel in particular know they have a big problem. That problem being population dynamics. In their case they are going to wind up like the Cheetah. A species that is considered in a genetic diversity bottleneck.

That’s why they need their Greater Israel Project. So they don’t go extinct and can survive as an empire by recruiting ‘new Jew blood’ so to speak.

Their strategy then is to rule the world with maybe the Vatican who is a club of old men in frocks whom a great many seem to like little boys. And, unlike Israel,  apparently don’t seem to have a problem with recruitment.

They will accomplish this by continually dumbing us down and turning us into a pastey brown color while they rule everyone from their empire base being The USA, the City of London and the Vatican.

So if they are isolated because no one wants to become part of their club because their chosen person philosophy sets them up for disgust and derision–so be it. Unless they get off their high horse and join the rest of humanity they will increasingly find themselves isolated.

Israel, like the spoiled rotten chosen golden child that it is, will not stop killing people to get exactly what it wants.

It has not yet learned, emotionally and spiritually to get a long with the rest of the world, and this my friends, is the real problem.

stupid greater israel project

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The Illuminati Art World

The Illuminati Control the Art World

When they aren’t out dining and drinking, flying around the world, trying to squeeze themselves into Valentino or Versace clothing, or partaking in their favorite occult rituals–collecting art is their favorite thing to do.

A Movie About the Illuminati Art World
A Movie About the Illuminati Art World

The Illuminati speak to each other in the arcane symbolism found within all artistic periods throughout history. They infuse this arcane symbolism in their secret societies, like Freemasonry, to give their rituals power.

They also weave this symbolic language in films and theatre.

In fact, they really do believe that the world is but a stage and they can do what they like to entertain themselves.

Like get their ‘security forces’ (CIA, MI6, Mossad, Bandar Bush Saudis) to create groups like ISIS to not only manifest acts of terror, but as an aside–plunder and pillage countries and desecrate their antiquities, thereby driving up the price of the remaining art objects of a particular type from a particular country.

They feel they are the only ones who really understand this language. Because they are rich and special and no mundane mortal could get it quite like they do.

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Fake Detroit Eminem Mocks Pedophilia

“I just want to say when did I wake up to a society where it’s entertaining to make fun of pedophiles?”

Jay Parker, Humanity at the Crossroads

Eminem’s handlers really know how to make a $ off of him. First of all, Eminem is NOT from Detroit 8 mile area; he learned what he could from the rapper philosophers there and played it for his music masters to make a big $ like Elvis did scamming off black music and making it acceptable to mainstream society.  Apparently a part of it was showing up for the Illuminati music biz rituals to cement the deal for Eminem, as shown in the video.


So once he has he audience down pat he can say lots off crap. Like:

c’mere little kiddies
on my lap
guess whose back with a brand new rap
and I don’t mean rap as in a new case
of child investigation accusations

no worries. papas gotta brand new bag of toys
what else could I possibly do to make noise?
I done touched on everything but little boys



Let’s talk about child investigations that Eminem alludes too that are being covered up in the 8 mile area, like bordering Oakland County. Some investigations have been going on a long time. Like the Oakland County Child Killer (OCCK) Investigation that involves a most definite cover-up of the authorities of very high placed people like Christopher Busch and Francis Shelden aka Frank Torrey of Spartacus fame.

You would think there’s some sort of child sacrifice ring going on involving the elites the way the FBI sits on this case.

But that’s the way it goes with higher hanging fruit.

Well, the FBI being ever the proverbial jokesters (I mean c’mon, J. Edgar Panty Hose wearing perverted Hoover was the founder of the organization) gave this Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to bereaved victims involving a situation where an individual was hypnotized to possibly bring up subconscious information of the case to help solve it.

The problem is is that the information given by the FBI is so out of context it makes no sense.

Maybe if they would send the hundreds of pages in the related file they neglected to send…And send it…It would have made sense.

But sadly, the FBI knows they can send what FOIA information requests they want. When they want.

So it will be brushed off; covered under the rug. Because that’s what Oakland County and the associated authorities in this case do best.

And that’s why Eminem made a song about it.

Follow the money.




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