Killing Kennedy: The Occult Connection

Many people are aware of the various conspiracy theories surrounding President Kennedy’s assassination, but far fewer are aware of secret society cabals that operate right under the publics’ nose — with dark occultic practices and intentions. The people who planned and participated in Kennedy’s murder designed the ritual to orchestrate the most public strife and sorrow to gain the highest possible energetic outcome from the event which they use for their dark occult purposes. This documentary describes the symbolism, ritual, and tactics of this event.


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The Language of Water

I was recently at the Water is Life Strengthening the Great Lakes Commons, a community based summit of Michigan,  Ontario, and Indigenous residents opposing
commodification and privatization of water.

Please feel free to share and distribute the film I made for educational purposes.

Water is Life Summit Sponsors:

Corporate Accountability International
Council of Canadians
Flint Democracy Defense League
Food & Water Watch
For Love of Water
Grand Rapids Water Protectors
Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians
Great Lakes Commons
Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation
Michigan Welfare Rights Organization
People’s Water Board
Story of Stuff
Water You Fighting For
Wellington Water Watchers



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