My friend Karen Swim asks, “What are you doing with your days?” 

Good question. 

My response: Taking a blogging break.   I don’t know for how long.  Probably for two to three weeks. 

Don’t worry about me.  I have some projects that need laser like focus and blogging and blah blahing keep me too frazzled to apply this focus. 

I enjoy communing with all of you and I will be by to visit you when I can. 

I was recently up in Northern Michigan getting pictures of fall color, fishermen, and yes, more barns. 

Fishing the Platte copyright Ellen Wilson
Lake Michigan Leelanau Peninsula copyright Ellen Wilson
Oak Leaf copyright Ellen Wilson
Nuthatch copyright Ellen Wilson
Barn Leelanau County copyright Ellen Wilson


And because I have that damn J thing going on with the Myers Briggs thing I just had to post today.  The little voice kept saying wait on it wait on it.  Who really cares?  Apparently my anal sense of puntuality does.

I’ll probably get around to it tomorrow.

Talk with you soon.  E

PS Oh and check out my RSS number since my last post.  It was up to 120.  Now it’s 108.  Hmmm.  I still haven’t quite figured this number thing out yet but I’m I’ll leave it up because now my curiousity is really piqued.

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My Social Experiment: RSS Numbers

My friend Vered DeLeeuw, of MomGrind, started this social experiment and I would like to continue with it.

Many people have read Darren Rowse’s, of Problogger, tips, on how to increase your RSS numbers by posting your chicklet number button.  Behold, look to the right of you. I now have.  Right under my RSS orangey button.  Why?

Darren alludes to the psychology of the matter – if people see your number button they will subscribe.  But is this always true?

I think Vered would argue no.  She posted her chicklet number button and her numbers started steadily decreasing.  Why?

Hunter Nuttal thought that if people perceived that a bloggers RSS number was higher than it actually was they might be disappointed and not subscribe to a blogger’s RSS feed.


And then Marelisa Fabrega, of Abundance, stated that she had posted her chiclet button when she had 110 subcribers.  She states that, “Then suddenly the growth practically stopped, and then when I got to about 130 subscribers (painfully, painfully slowly) it picked up again.”

So where am I starting in this continuum?

Like every good scientist I must have a hypothesis.

Hypothesis:  If an RSS subscriber number is higher or equal to the perceived public perception of what it is, then the number will increase.

I state this hypothesis because my RSS number has hovered between 110 and 120 for a few months now.  Will it increase if I post it?  Will it decrease if I post it?

I am betting that it will increase faster posted than if not.

What could affect this hypothesis? 

The very fact that I posted my experiment could affect the RSS numbers positively or negatively.

Different Blogging Topics – The fellow bloggers that I have listed here write on different topics than I do.

Posting Schedule – Hunter Nuttal and Marelisa Farbrega usually post five times or more per week. Vered DeLeeuw usually post three days per week.   I post twice per week.  Usually.

What do you think would affect RSS number growth if you posted your chicklet button?

Stay tuned to see what happens to my button.

Postscript:  At the start of this experiment my RSS number was 105.

Photocredit: © Ellen Wilson

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And the Winner is…California!

Okay, I lied.

I said awhile ago in the comments I wasn’t going to check my stats for two months.  Well, I got this overwhelming urge.  You know how it goes.

I like to get my Google world map out and watch it light up.

What!?  My Michigan viewers are in second place! And California is in first place.

And to keep with the agricultural theme of my last post, here we have the winning orange, which of course symbolizes California.  And the sad corn, which symbolizes Michigan.

We get some of our oranges from California.  And today, surprise!  I found out this orange is from South Africa.  This orange traveled a long way to my mouth.

And you might get some of your corn from Michigan.  In the future we will even put it in our cars.  An idea which defeats the purpose of decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels…because fossil fuels are used in the manufacturing process of ethanol (squeaking it out of corn).  But don’t even get me started on that one…

I just don’t understand my home state.  Sure, the population is higher in California than Michigan.  And the sun shines a helluva lot more.  Is that it?  Is it the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) factor?  Are people in Michigan depressed and that can’t make their way over to Wilson’s Words and Pictures? 


Okay, here is the breakdown,

Since I’m a US citizen, I’ll start with the states first:

California comes in 1st with the most visits.  And!  This is most important to me, average time on site is 5:28.  We are operating on hours and minutes here people.  Not dreamtime. Sorry.  But I recognize dreamtime.

Michigan comes in 2nd place.  Average time on site is 1:18.  What?!  Now we also have ADD.  Not surprising.

Pennesylvania is 3rd!  I would never have of guessed this. Average time on site is :42.  Alright, a little more ADD than Michigan.  You guys need to eat a better breakfast in the morning.

This is all averaged out between cities of each state.

World Wide (in order of supposedly decreasing importance)

United States: Average time on site: 1:53 seconds.

Canada: Average time on site: 1:58 seconds. 5 seconds more than the US!  Yea!

United Kingdom: :47 seconds.  Okay, what is wrong with you guys.  Try to keep up, eh?

Where in the world do you get the majority of your visitors?

Photocredit: © Ellen Wilson

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