Wedding Photography Basics

Become a Wedding Photographer

Learn about equipment you’ll need, web site design and distributing your product, and developing your specialized niche.

The wedding photographer is arguably one of the most important people attending the ceremony. It is the wedding photographer who will capture the most important images in a couple’s lifetime and these priceless photographs will be viewed again and again. Keep these ideas in mind as you develop a specialized style that sets you apart from other wedding photographers.

Equipment for Wedding Photography

All photography is essentially about capturing your subject in the best lighting conditions. To truly utilize the range of lighting conditions that will help you capture a romantic, yet dynamic mood in wedding photography, it is crucial that you use the best camera equipment that you can obtain.

Look into getting the best digital single lens reflex system you can afford.  Many photographers become wedded to a certain brand, because they become used to their equipment and know what to expect from it. Many large camera stores allow you to rent camera bodies and lenses if you are unsure what brand you like best. Getting the feel for your equipment is essential before going out in the field.

You will want lenses for all types of conditions and situations. Most photographers carry at least three prime lenses for wedding photography but many carry much more. Wide angle lenses will take in a panoramic view of a wedding party and also allow you to photograph in low light situations. Zoom lenses come in wide angle or telephoto and allow you to quickly focus in on a close-up, or pull out of a scene for a better affect.  Of course all DSLRs allow you to quickly preview shots via the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitor. This allow you to preview photos and thus make changes in the camera’s settings via aperture or shutter stops.  Use this to your best advantage in lighting situations.

Your Specialized Wedding Photography Niche

Gone are the days of cliche wedding pictures where it was enough to snap a simple documentary of the day’s events and to capture a few photos of a couple staring soulfully into each other’s eyes. The best wedding photographers realize this. They know that today’s couple wants a dynamic and personal representation of their wedding.

Think of yourself as a wedding photojournalist. Developing a personal style is trusting your own personal vision. There are many photographers who can shoot a technically perfect picture, but a sense of unique style is created when you master the basics of photography and go beyond them. A little bit of luck and understanding of human psychology is also involved. Learn how to anticipate people’s reactions to events and each other and how to put yourself in the right place at the right time to capture these images that document the wedding drama. Mastering photojournalistic wedding photography techniques will help place you above your competition.

Wedding Photography Web Design

Before you develop your advertising campaign for your wedding photography business, it is imperative that you develop a portfolio to showcase your work. Almost all wedding photographers have their own website to display their images. A website makes it easy for a client to quickly find you and evaluate your photographic style. A quick search of your local area will yield a multitude of wedding photographer’s websites that yield invaluable information in planning your own website.

Websites may be developed by a professional designer, or you can create a website yourself. Creating a website yourself is not as daunting a task as you may think. There are many inexpensive templates designed exclusively for photographers on the Internet.

While you figure out your website design, think about how you will distribute photographs to your clients. Sites like PhotoShelter or SmugMug allow you to sell your work directly to clients. Clients can quickly view the photographs and choose the pictures they want and purchase them via the site. These types of sites allow a quick and efficient system of distributing your photographs.

With a little forethought and knowledge you can easily make the transition into wedding photography. Once you have mastered the basics of good photography, have developed a specialized niche, and have a website devoted to your business up and running, you are well on your way to enjoying a fun and lucrative main or side business.


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