Are Gay Men Easily Compromised?


Kay Griggs tells us that some men in the Marines are what are called ‘Cherry Marines,‘ gay and easily compromised.

Kay Griggs tells us people in the military are profiled in order to move ahead. These men are gay or bisexual. They come from the same psychological profile of a milquetoast father and domineering mother.

Kay Griggs said that these men had the ‘German Disease’ meaning they inherited this behavior from their Nazi counter parts which is apparently based on a Spartan Cult type of military regime.

Kay Griggs was/is a Christian who was severely abused by her bisexual husband. Kay Griggs loved her husband Colonel George Griggs and wanted to help him.

She told her story to Rick Strawcutter, a Michigan Pastor.

While most gay men are of course harmless, they are constantly flaunted in front of us in America as being uniquely creative and/or intriguing.

A situation not unlike Weimar Germany before WWII.

Lt Gen Thomas Bostick

Lt Gen Thomas Bostick

New Gay Army?


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