And the Winner is…California!

Okay, I lied.

I said awhile ago in the comments I wasn’t going to check my stats for two months.  Well, I got this overwhelming urge.  You know how it goes.

I like to get my Google world map out and watch it light up.

What!?  My Michigan viewers are in second place! And California is in first place.

And to keep with the agricultural theme of my last post, here we have the winning orange, which of course symbolizes California.  And the sad corn, which symbolizes Michigan.

We get some of our oranges from California.  And today, surprise!  I found out this orange is from South Africa.  This orange traveled a long way to my mouth.

And you might get some of your corn from Michigan.  In the future we will even put it in our cars.  An idea which defeats the purpose of decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels…because fossil fuels are used in the manufacturing process of ethanol (squeaking it out of corn).  But don’t even get me started on that one…

I just don’t understand my home state.  Sure, the population is higher in California than Michigan.  And the sun shines a helluva lot more.  Is that it?  Is it the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) factor?  Are people in Michigan depressed and that can’t make their way over to Wilson’s Words and Pictures? 


Okay, here is the breakdown,

Since I’m a US citizen, I’ll start with the states first:

California comes in 1st with the most visits.  And!  This is most important to me, average time on site is 5:28.  We are operating on hours and minutes here people.  Not dreamtime. Sorry.  But I recognize dreamtime.

Michigan comes in 2nd place.  Average time on site is 1:18.  What?!  Now we also have ADD.  Not surprising.

Pennesylvania is 3rd!  I would never have of guessed this. Average time on site is :42.  Alright, a little more ADD than Michigan.  You guys need to eat a better breakfast in the morning.

This is all averaged out between cities of each state.

World Wide (in order of supposedly decreasing importance)

United States: Average time on site: 1:53 seconds.

Canada: Average time on site: 1:58 seconds. 5 seconds more than the US!  Yea!

United Kingdom: :47 seconds.  Okay, what is wrong with you guys.  Try to keep up, eh?

Where in the world do you get the majority of your visitors?

Photocredit: © Ellen Wilson

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63 thoughts on “And the Winner is…California!”

  1. Ellen,

    It was fun to read about your stats. I like to watch my world map light up too. I also have, by far, the highest amount of traffic from California as well. That is where I live, so it would stand to reason that I would have the most traffic, except that I’ve been secret agent silent about Writer Dad. Duration is also the most interesting statistic. Here too, California wins.

    I also love to see all the faraway places I’m reaching. The internet is staggering, and I’m humbled by its scope.

    Writer Dad’s last blog post..Nominate Writer Dad

  2. @Vered – Of course I know you’re from CA! Where? Hehe! Well, I know it’s not LA.

    I’ll leave it at that.

    The map is the best part of blog stats.

    @Writer Dad – I wondered where you were from. California. Why does this not surprise me, Writer Dad?

    Duration. I like that factor. I will have to factor it in.

    *See everyone? Two CA people. Now where are the rest of you eh?
    And if you are a Lurker, please log in and drop a line.

  3. LOL!!! Ah, Brett, my dear friend. I’ll never forget when I found you and Friar, right after I’d lamented that there didn’t seem to be any Canadian bloggers out there. Or any interesting and good ones.

    That was debunked in a hurry as I read you and found even more Canucks on your sites.

    I have absolutely no clue where my peeps come from. I have a blog and the stats there are pretty simple and not detailed at all. They basically tell how many views I got, which isn’t staggering. I can probably install something else, but at the same time as being interested, I’m also paranoid. Will knowing make me obsessed with the stats and numbers? Will it change how I feel about writing and when I write? I’m already stressed that I’m not doing it daily!

    steph’s last blog post..Letting Go

  4. @steph,

    I know what you mean, I didn’t really expect to find so many Canadian bloggers out there. And then, we are all such a great bunch that the border is meaningless – which is a kind of cool “people are people” thing. Every single person I’ve met out here, I would be proud to have living on my street. It would make the bonfires a lot more fun, for sure!

    Brett Legree’s last blog fridays – raiding party.

  5. Hi Ellen! This was hilarious! I am not surprised that California tops the list (go Home team!). You discuss issues that resonate with Californians such as the environment, agriculture and art. I have checked stats once or twice this year. I have no idea if anyone is even paying attention except for those that comment! I am trying to work on that and you make it seem fun!

  6. Hey, I am your Illinois pin prick on your map. *waves from map*

    I just got my map a few weeks ago when I switched to the new site. I was awed by how many countries were represented all over the world in the first two weeks. It was lit up all over from places I hadn’t even heard of, it was so exciting I had to call over my kids to come and see!

    I LOVE that map. I have never paid any attention to the numbers, in fact, I am not quite sure what to do with all of that yet, but the map thing is pretty darn cool. If I knew who everyone was I would send them a postcard~Wouldn’t it be fun to get a postcard from all over the world?

    Wendi Kelly’s last blog post..Changing Colors

  7. @Friar – FOUR Canadian Bloggers THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! But don’t be too quick to point us out. According to Ellen’s stats we are slow readers.

    @Ellen – in no paticular order: Germany, Canada, Philippines, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain (yay to my brother!), Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia

    Urban Panther’s last blog post..Acting under pressure

  8. Awww…Brett. Really? The Canucks love me best? I prefer to think that my Canadian readers are absorbing my material at a slower, more relaxed pace, rather than quickly scanning.

    @Steph – Sometimes people do get obsessed with numbers. Just remember, “This too, shall pass.” Sometimes I get sad when I don’t get many visitors. But then I look at the map and see some unknown souls are reading my stuff and spending time on it! That makes me feel good.

    @Barbara – Yes, you are over on that coast, so that makes sense. I guess. I guess I don’t really know what makes sense according to the map. I suppose population is one factor.

    @Brett – Well Canadian borders are meaningless to us in the US. Really, we are all connected in the North, eh? Take off! Yeah, Halloween is coming up. Time for a good bonfire!

    @Karen – Stats, like I was saying to Steph, can be addictive. They can be like an RSS subcription number, a measure. The problem is many times the measure becomes substituted for a measure of worth. But people need to do this measurement from a business standpoint.

    @Friar – Yes, I’ve noticed that you Canucks live close to eachother. Interesting how you all found eachother. I wonder why know one wanders in from Manitoba, for instance? Don’t they have computers over there? You guys do in Splatt Creek.

    @Wendi – That is a good idea! I don’t think many people would want to give out their address, though. I wish we wrote long hand more. I’m afraid it is dying out.

    @Lance – Yes, our population centers in the Midwest can’t compare to California’s. Texas is an interesting third. I think Texas is pretty far down on my list. I’ll have to check.

    @Urban – I think you are a quick Canadian reader so you bring up the average. Being a Gemini and all.

  9. Ellen,

    I think we do read at a slower pace, to absorb it. At least I did last night, but three pints of Magner’s Cider didn’t hurt… 🙂

    (well, at least until today)

    Seriously though, the border is a bit silly. People on either side tend to be related one way or the other, and it was a pretty arbitrary decision to draw the line. I have relatives on both sides.

    North is relative, anyway… people in Toronto call Splat Creek “north”, yet we’re south of Vancouver. In fact, we are south of the southern border of North Dakota, I believe…

    Brett Legree’s last blog fridays – raiding party.

  10. Brett,

    I agree with the US/Canadian border thing. We apparently have relatives over in London somewhere.

    Yes, north and south is all relative to where you are.

  11. @Brett – Yes, and didn’t we talk about this last year? Or was it Beltane? I think it was Beltane.

    @Urban – Ask Brett to show you his orange Scots dancing around the fire. I’d like to go to that party! I didn’t see anyone my age though….Ha!

  12. Hi Vered,

    I have never been to LA. Is it that bad?

    I have been to San Francisco and north of there to see the redwoods. I like it there.

  13. Ha! Yes, Urban. We are all related. Maybe we should have some paternity tests done to prove it while you and the Lion are getting all the legal eagle stuff squared and put away.

  14. @Panther,

    Naked dancing is a requirement at the bonfires, so yes… 🙂 the “kids” I mentioned are the teenagers who shouldn’t be out at Halloween, though they’re still not welcome at the bonfire, I’d assume they wouldn’t see anything they hadn’t seen already… (kids these days)

    Proudly deteriorating the conversations since 1969.

    Oh, and the orange Beltane people! See them here:

    Just click on “Gallery”, and the festival of your choice. Beltane 07 and Red Charge will get you to some cool pics. I’d like to go there next year…

    Brett Legrees last blog fridays – raiding party.

  15. @Urban – I am the Ellen Wilson you speak of.

    @Melissa – Yea! Californians are cool. And they get warm weather all year around! Well, most of CA does.

  16. @Brett

    We can have the bonfire, and watch the ladies paint themselves purple and dance.

    Then we can watch those Damned kids (hiding behind your hedges). “You godamm kids stay offa my lawn!”

    Nobody wants to live in Manitoba.

    It’s like North Dakota, only further north. And colder.

    Friars last blog post..Lessons in Pike Psychology

  17. @Brett – Yes, let’s plan on going there next year.

    @Friar – North Dakota is the flattest piece of land I’ve ever seen. I could never get used to living there. I’m used to trees, water, and I do like rolling hills. Some sort of topography. I’ll check my map to see if anyone visits me there. Probably not, or I would have remembered it.

    I am not painting myself purple. And I think you are remembering the maypole dance. If I recall it all happened over at Melissa’s blog.

  18. Hey Urban. I was just on twatty twitter and I didn’t see you. I’ll look you up. I should get one of those follow me on twitter plugin things. That might be frightening though. My blog is getting heavy!

  19. DId I hear someone calling for the Purple Pole sisters? Is it dancing time?
    Actually I think that started on Friar’s blog and then went over to Melissa’s or maybe Brett started it with his picture of blue painted naked dancers. Then it ended with a poem on Melissa’s blog and Brett taking a cold shower.

    Good times….

    Guess you had to be there hehehehee….

    Wendi Kellys last blog post..Giving Back to the Givers

  20. Hi,

    Another vote for California, and while I’m not in LA, I’m in “the OC” — exactly halfway between LA and beautiful SD. And IMHO anything is better than the NY winters I grew up in. Brrrrrrrrr! Although I do miss the fall and springtime very much!

    I’ll have to get back to you on where my readers are from — analytics going on TLeC next week! My hosting account stats don’t show that fact.

    Also, Ellen, a belated but sincere thank you for the link love a couple of weeks ago while I was on hiatus! Really appreciate it.

    And, good luck with your volunteer training! I think it’s this weekend, yes? Keep me posted on your journey.

    Just got you into my Google reader finally.

  21. Hi Ellen – I love the way you’re keeping check on where everyone comes from. I’m from the UK but it takes me longer than 47 seconds to read your posts.

    Mind you, I mostly read and reply to comments directly from my reader, as opposed to clicking onto the site, so I don’t know if that makes a difference.

  22. Hey Melissa, you ready for dancing?
    I hear Melissa is taking classes this year. Are they pole dancing classes Melissa? 🙂 Jenny…Oh yeah…The Purple Pole dancers…come join us…We paint ourselves purple and dance around the maypole by the bonfire. And if the boys get out of hand…well……

    we keep them in line. 🙂

    Come on, it will be good for you.

    Ellen, you can pick what ever color you want…it doesn’t have to be purple you know….hehehehe

    Wendi Kellys last blog post..Giving Back to the Givers

  23. @Urban – I don’t know what’s up with that! I have about 170 followers and same as being followed. We’ll work it out…

    @Wendi – Ha! Yo! You still remember you purple creature, you.

    @JennY – You probably don’t want to know, but maybe. It is kinda funny. You will have to check Melissa Donovan’s archives. And yes, let my Midwest region light up!

    @Linda – Hi! Yes, you are so right on. My training is tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    @Harmony – How weird. I thought you were an American. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Canadians read slow because they have Tim Hortons and it is a prerequesite. I like Tim Hortons by the way.

    @Cath – I know, you are the exception. I think most UK people are looking up some other Ellen Wilson – being a popular British name and all.

    @Melissa – You have no idea until you live someplace truly cold like Michigan. But we have change of the seasons!

    @Brett – I will leave it to you to get things started.

    @Wendi – I like purple.

  24. I’m completely addicted to my blog stats. I check it so often it’s almost shameful. Why do people from California spend so much more time on your site than those from other places? I saw on CNN that the US bet on corn ethanol, which was a mistake, while Brazil bet on sugar ethanol and they are now 100% energy independent. I love the photograph!

    Marelisas last blog post..20 Ways to Raise Your IQ

  25. @Marelisa,

    You can double up on sugar cane and hemp if you want to go that way, both plants are great for ethanol, or food, and hemp can be used for a lot of other stuff as well (and no, I’m not talking about “mood altering”!)

    Brett Legrees last blog a. romero, inc.

  26. Ellen,

    LA isn’t that bad…. if you don’t mind living in a place that’s spread out like a fumbled pack of playing cards, and your worth is decided by zip code; ties going to make, model to your car.

    Sudden death is the depth of that car’s wash.

    I don’t live in LA; just a bit south, but Vered’s right. I think I’d rather live in Kosovo.

    Writer Dads last blog post..Poop. Put it in the Potty

  27. I’m not sure whether you’ve answered this question yet but how did you get the detailed breakdown in your stats?

    I sure like the way you presented yours. Your picture is also lovely! It has just brightened my morning!


  28. @Marelisa – I don’t understand why sugar ethanol would make Brazil 100% energy independent? I need to learn more about this stuff. Thanks for that little tidbit.

    @Brett – What other things can we do with hemp? All I think of is rope.

    @Amy – I’m glad you like my corn and orange! I dedicate them to you, now. The Canadians are friendly and generally a mellow bunch.

    @Writer Dad – LA sounds very narcissitic. No, not the most pleasant of places to live.

    @Evelyn – If you go into Google Analytics and click the map section you will find the maps broken down by countries. The countries are also broken down into cities.

    I’m glad you like the corn and orange faces.

  29. @Ellen,

    You can make fuel of course. You can eat the seeds (tasty). Clothing can be made out of it. Some older forms of high voltage lines had a hemp core surrounded by copper – the hemp was for strength.

    I think you can make crappy paper out of it (probably not very good, though – ask Friar, he knows about paper). But maybe sturdier paper like cardboard?

  30. Ellen,

    As far as I know the yields are much higher per acre for hemp than for corn. Hemp fuel is biodegradable so spills are not quite the same as oil spills. I’ve read that Henry Ford’s first Model-T was partially built from hemp based plastics and designed to run on the stuff (he had hemp farms, apparently, as did many people way back when – it was a popular crop for a time).

    Cane sugar would have the same advantages – higher yields. I’m quite sure that the reason for corn ethanol has a lot to do with the big subsidies in place for corn farming in the USA.

  31. Brett,

    Thus the corn picture! I suppose if animals ate hemp by products we might have a market in the Midwest. Much of the corn is grown for animal feed. I betcha pigs would eat it. Pigs eat anything.

    Interesting about Henry.

  32. This image is hilarious. I am a California one for ya, with some Michigan roots, how’s that?!

    Laughing… this post is really funny, especially your ADD Michigan readers.

    Yes, it also amazes me how far food travels to come to us. I like the world map lighting up too.

    I think the UK visitors stay on your site half as long as US/Can because they read twice as fast as Americans and Canadians; they sure talk twice as fast. *wink*

    Here are mine:
    Top Visitors / Average time on site
    USA 1:15
    CANADA 1:14
    UK 0:55

    Top Visiting States:
    California 1:30
    New York 0:54
    Florida 1:01
    (which makes sense, filmmaking cities)

    Thanks. That was fun. I never before looked at that stuff.

    Like the UK, New Yorkers also speak and read faster I think. Interesting. Or maybe they just have shorter attentions spans.

  33. Jaden – You are the orange AND the corn! Ha! I never knew Florida was a filmmaking city.

    I have a theory that people in NYC and the UK live very close together and some how this contributes to their reaction time in talking and reading. The more people around the busier it is. Something like that.

  34. Wow! I’ve never even checked the states – I didn’t even know you could. (Kim is running to go check that now)

    My top visitors are from


    I’m curious about India being 4th. It may because I’ve made a couple of online friends from India or because I write about WordPress and technology – I’m really not sure.

    Kim Woodbridges last blog post..(Anti) Social-Lists – 9/14/08

  35. Ok – hahaha – I should have checked before I posted the last comment.

    The top states are

    Pennsylvania – I live there so it must be me checking my site 🙂
    California – That has got to be Vered and another friend of mine.
    New Jersey – My best friend lives there.
    New York – No idea but a lot of people live there.

    Now I’m probably going to start analyzing each city 😉

    Kim Woodbridges last blog post..(Anti) Social-Lists – 9/14/08

  36. Hi Kim,

    India is really making strides with computing technology. That could be why India is your fourth. And yes, the friends are there too!

    It’s always fun to learn something new, like the state breakdown.

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