ellen office 2Hi, I’m Ellen Wilson. Welcome to my website.  I’m glad you found it.  I’m a freelance writer/photographer from Southwest Michigan.

My curriculum vitae reads like a menu for a smorgasbord.  I’ve done everything from cleaning expensive vacation homes in Northern Michigan; to banding Canada Geese; to teaching school kids in England.  I’ve found this truly has been a journey. When the economy tanked in Michigan and I gave up my teaching career I had no idea what I was getting into when I started freelancing.

Since I began freelancing in late 2007 I’ve written countless articles and other material for satisfied clients and sold many of my photographs.  But there was a down side to all of that.  I quickly found that investigating and writing about anything of substance was not something that independent news sites wanted for their websites and blogs. In fact, in one instance my work was actively quashed;  I had one article site tell me they would not accept an article discussing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) because it might offend corporate clients.  Another client tried to rip me off after I had wrote hundreds of tests questions for an educational textbook manual.  I told him if he didn’t pay me I’d blast his name around the Internet. That quickly solved the problem and I received payment for my work.

After being at the mercy of clients and their excessive demands and often downright abusive behavior, I decided to give all that up and just write what I wanted and work for myself for a change.  I decidedly liked this arrangement much better.

Not only that but in 2013 I achieved the long awaited goal of finally seeing my fiction published — and I’m currently researching a book/film on international pedophile rings.  Much more satisfying than working on the corporate fringe Internet treadmill.

My interests are in history, particularly the period of the Renaissance; nature and the environment, and the geopolitics regarding both.  Perhaps because of this bigger global picture, crime, punishment and ultimately justice, are also interests. I find that dissecting the power relationships regarding the planet and the people who ‘own’ it, and why they are able to do so, are the key to getting to the truth.

If you are looking for words of wisdom here let these be it. Like any hero’s journey there’s always something around the corner.  Stay motivated and moving forward on your quest.  Let your intuition guide you towards the gold (your passion) and learn how to slay a dragon or two.  So good luck and good journeying to you my faire reader.  And fare ye well.

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