ellen office 2Hi, I’m Ellen Wilson. Welcome to my website.  I’m glad you found it.  I’m a freelance writer/photographer from Southwest Michigan.

My curriculum vitae reads like a menu for a smorgasbord.  I’ve done everything from cleaning expensive vacation homes in Northern Michigan; to banding Canada Geese; to teaching school kids in England.  I’ve found this truly has been a journey. When the economy tanked in Michigan and I gave up my teaching career I had no idea what I was getting into when I started freelancing.

Since I began freelancing in late 2007 I’ve written countless articles and other material for satisfied clients and sold many of my photographs.  In 2013 I achieved the long awaited goal of finally seeing my fiction published — and I’m currently researching a book on international pedophile rings.

Like any hero’s journey there’s always something around the corner.  What have I learned so far? Stay motivated and moving forward on your quest.  Let your intuition guide you towards the gold (your passion) and learn how to slay a dragon or two.  Good luck and good journeying.

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