Money Doesn’t Exist

There are is no such things as money or ‘banks.’ Only people who can be controlled get moved up in the chess game as kings, queens or bishops — what some propagandists refer to as 5D chess.  Basically,  the rest of us are just ‘animals’ controlled by ‘shepherds’ who think they’re smarter or more ‘spiritual’ than us.

You work for money.  At some job.  Is it a job, most likely, that was contrived by a ‘corporation,’ root word corpse, an organization made up from these very same entities that control you. They decided on the corporations, and the methods of energy harvest etc. to go about creating this ‘world.’ Do you really think we have nothing but gas in cars after all these years? It is pathetic and beyond laughable. And if you buy into that charade there is really no help for you so quit reading this right now.

You will do as your told, and if you don’t you will be ignored or harassed if you try to expose them and save some stuck souls along the way. But you cannot be afraid, because in the end they don’t want you saying a damn thing about anything. And how is that going to work out for future generations? Not a good example.

There is nothing but energy.  That is the name of the game.

Who came up with this ‘game?’

It is an ancient game. One that involves secret societies and so called, ‘blood-line’ families, which is a bit of a joke because the money-people tell the blood-line people they don’t care who sits on the throne, as long as they control the currency!

Ah, the currency. Therein lies the rub. The current, or the ‘currency’ is what rules our lives.  It is a way to suck energy from us, and the Earth, which supports our lives.  Some ‘beings’ have mastered that dark magickal art of sleight of hand foolery which takes away our power and gives it to them.  Who is ‘them?’ Just look at the ‘current’ power structure on the planet. That will give you a clue.

And for all of you who think there is some differentiation between Zionists in Israel and in Russia…puhleeze. They are the same people who killed 60-90 million Indigenous Russians and most aren’t even practicing Judaism but are a criminal cabal devised and set up by secret societies and the bankers, with Rothschild being a major player in duping Germany, America and other allies during WWII, though the ones at the top very likely knew what was going on.  It got Patton killed.

The Epstein Plan

My Crappy Mortgage

It’s time to take it back…

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My Crappy Mortgage

My old bank, aptly named Seterus, or, SETER US, which according to the dictionary means transfer of livestock to one grazing ground to another, recently changed names again. It is now called Mr Cooper.  Apparently there a bunch of ‘Coopers’ though I haven’t figured out what this means yet. Before this it was named Aurora, goddess of the dawn, a Lehman Brothers bank. Who else is a ‘light’ of the dawn?  Yeah. Why don’t you think on that for awhile and ‘enlighten’ yourself.

Just who is Mr Cooper? Like, DB Cooper?  Stealing the cash and jumping off the plane?

“..Seterus is basically a criminal organization who makes money by buying mortgages that are not under water, have good payment history, and have equity then using anything they can to turn the account into default so they can foreclose.”

Yes, that’s basically been my experience with them. I tried to get out of their fake MORTgage (death) system under the fake Obama plan, but I got ring-around-the-rosy pocket full of posies (poseurs) phone games for three straight months with these government bank HARP jokers.

So not only have raised my city taxes in this funked up town, but have also raised the loan interest rates. That and the roads still are crap in some neighborhoods.

Let us be clear. After the little market ‘crash’ and fiscal buyout out of Fannie and Freddie that was hoisted on the tax payers, they have the nerve to send me this cute little notice:

We bought the house in 2006 for $103,500.  So basically the banks took about $35,000 from us.

This is my house:

This is my side yard, we have a lot and a half, so also a back yard. Flower garden in front and fruits and veggie raised beds behind:

This is my driveway and garage:

This is my fountain and frog in the backyard:

I’m not going to show you pictures on the inside, but needless to say you can tell from the outside aesthetic that the inside doesn’t look like crap.

All of this bank funny business transfer of names etc., started happening when all these projects started being initiated in the city.

Seems to me that someone is skimming money off what is going on and regular people are footing the bill. Like usual.  Is this happening in your town? With your mortgage?

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The Sodomite Rite

Do you wonder why the gay agenda is pushed so heavily in the West?  Why we have LGBT day and other bizarre homosexual holidays devoted to an extremely tiny population that was once vilified but now heralded as the next best thing as sliced white bread?

Because it’s programming my friend.  Most social programs have been invented around a table, in a board room, to get you to do something.  Or maybe nothing. Because the powers that be would like us to revolve around issues that have nothing to do with the fact that they are raping us blind and killing the planet while they are at it.

One of these programs is the gay agenda.  There are certain things the wealthy want ‘normalized’ and this is one of them. Never mind the fact that in the wild population gay creatures can’t produce offspring so are never in high numbers.  Because this is basic biology you can expect this in the human population also.

But is a certain populations of males, specifically, who hold this agenda in the highest regard because they have a specific rite, a rite of sodomy, that they seek to perpetuate and have people view as normal.  You can easily see this played out in the ranks of the British elite, who mainly get married for ‘colour’ so to speak, while they have their sodomite relationships and clubs that perpetuate this behavior.  These are the Freemasons, and they occupy the highest ranks of industry, corporations, and banking and can be found in the highest concentration in Britain.  Why?  Because their country was invaded by merchant bankers as a secretive base of infiltration and now their ranks are rife with them.¹

Incidentally, this Freemasonic rite has also invaded the Catholic Church, but that’s another post.  Let us just say for now that to even argue for ‘gay rights’ in the Catholic Church is complete anathema.  Not that there is anything wrong with gay people, they can do what ever they want because God gives you free will obviously, but to politicize the anal sexual act that is flagrantly brandished by people who call themselves priests who are supposed to be celibate…well, that’s gross and I would never trust or visit such a priest for confession or anything else.   Father James Martin, displayer of the of the Satanic goat horns hand symbolism,  comes to mind.

So let’s get to these Freemasons.  There a lot of different sects, lodges, cults etc. and they like to morph and hide their true motivations.  Currently it’s okay to criticize the Catholic Church’s seminarian sex abuse and pedophilia problem, because there is a political motivation in this, via Freemasonic sects, but this is because the Church has been infiltrated by design to implode from within…but, like I said I digress and we need to get down tot the real nitty gritty of the matter, because behind every infiltration is sodomy, sex with minors, and mind control.

Most Freemasons have no idea of what is actually involved in Freemasonry.  They view it as a men’s club where they can get ahead in business and so on and so forth.  And perhaps that’s all they ever learn. But there are others who wish to move up the ranks and learn the craft’s secrets.

Pike, speaking in general of a newly initiated member, says: “he mingles with the crowd of Initiates, and, crowned with flowers, celebrates with them the holy orgies.”9 Needless to say, Pike does not define “holy orgy.” In at least two other locations in his book he mentions that orgies are associated with Masonic initiations.10

I have had dealings with these people. I later found out that when I wrote In the Shadow of Shakespeare and talked about Christopher Marlowe that I seriously got under their skin. Strange things started happening in my life when I began to write it and I now realize that people were probably reading it on my computer.  I understood that because I am a good researcher and highly intuitive I most likely was hitting on some truths in this novel. I also learned how vicious and vindictive these people can really get.

You can get it from Amazon, but if you prefer, you can also order it from Lightning Source.

If you want to learn more about Freemasonry, you really should watch this entire video:


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