Portuguese Freemason Tortures Little Children

Once upon a time there were three little children. These Children had visions. They talked to the Virgin Mary.

The three little children: Jacinta, Lucy and Francisco

Many people in Fatima, Portugal saw these visions. The sun had even danced in the sky. No one could explain it.  The Catholic Church declared that it was a Miracle.

The Crowd of People

A very bad man, who was a Grand Orient Freemason, tried to make them give up the secrets the Virgin Mary had told them. They refused under torture. The very bad man said that they would be killed if they did not give up the secrets the Virgin Mary had told them.

The very bad man, Artur Santos

The boy, Francisco, said, “What do we care if they kill us. We will go right to Heaven.”

The man persisted. Yet the children remained resolute.

All of the sayings of the Virgin Mary have come true besides one.  The third secret has yet to be revealed.

“She [the Blessed Virgin Mary] told me that the devil is in the mood for engaging in a decisive battle against the Virgin. And a decisive battle is the final battle where one side will be victorious and the other side will suffer defeat. Also from now on we must choose sides. Either we are for God or we are for the devil. There is no other possibility.”

Sister Lucy of Fatima speaking to Father Fuentes, December 26, 1957.

Pope Francis prays before Our Lady of Fatima

Kramer, Father Paul.  The Devil’s Final Battle. Edited and compiled by Father Paul Kramer, B.Ph., M.Div., S.T.L. (Cand.) and the editorial staff of The Missionary Association
Connecticut: Good Counsel Publications, 2010.

For More Information:

The Fatima Center

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Hate Speech And Group Sex | How Jones, Stone, Kissinger and Co are Linked

Roger Stone and Alex Jones

Henry Kissinger and Donald Trump


“Let’s look who’s around Alex Jones, the main propaganda outlet for the Israeli firster, Donald Trump, who’s basically making Benjamin Netanyahu the President of the United States and all that Benjamin Netanyahu represents…”

“…1973 to 1979 when the set-up really got going for the complete infiltration of the United States, it was a Soviet era, Soviet penetration program. It’s communist. We understand communist as another name for another Rothschild angle. So the communist, Talmudic supremacist doctrine of world takeover will adopt a capitalist look…”

“I’m trying to link these pedophile rings, and these sex group orgies, with Benjamin Netanyahu, and the control mechanism, and the history of Pollard and the set up under Kissinger, who was a notorius sex pedophile…”

“When we talk about Eptein and pedophile rings, we have Hollywood, we have Netanyahu…Israeli intelligence runs Hollywood via their control of drugs and prostitution rings…the pedophile rings are run by Israel…”

“The same crowd that are hanging with Kissinger, is the same crowd hanging with Trump right now and it’s all got to do with sexual perversion, it’s got to do with group sex…”




Press and the Militarization of Fakery

Director James Gunn and the #MeToo movement Under the Spotlight

Male Enhancement Formula Alex Jones


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Male Enhancement Formula Alex Jones

I used to give Alex Jones, popular alternative talk show host, the benefit of the doubt. I thought, well maybe Alex is working on some counterintelligence project, because he is so obviously CIA…

Maybe even playing that 3D chess,  the theory some in the alternative media/intelligence have made up, which I swear they got from reading MY BOOK, In the Shadow of Shakespeare, which has a scene with Frances Walsingham talking to Christopher Marlowe and challenging him to a game of chess on a three dimensional board he got from Spain.  Anyway, I read that theory of Trump playing 3D chess in order to save the US Republic from traitors and infiltrators and could appreciate the humor of all the world is a stage, art imitates life sort of thing, because clearly so much of what is in the media is FICTION, like Alex Jones the performance artist.

Alex Jones, ‘male man’ of the elite

…who didn’t get rich from selling boat loads of male enhancement formula to all those people who apparently can’t get erections due to all the plastics in the environment (hint, don’t drink bottled water)

Perhaps he just PRETENDS to love Jewish power.

But clearly the male enhanced Alex Jones is most definitely working for the Zionists in all shapes and sizes. He admits being a freemason (many lodges are pro Israel/Zionist) and international freemasonry is run out of the City of London.  And He constantly backs Trump and clearly Trump is a puppet of the Kosher Nostra (Jewish mafia).

And it should be clear to you by now that Trump does not care one iota for the American people.

He is a liar and will continue to lie.

By the way, certain prominent alt media fixtures, one of them being Alex Jones, emerged around the time of the demise of Bill Cooper. Why is that?

Also, for those infatuated with Qanon (who is supposed to be some intelligence asset who knows everything), Bill Cooper was a real Q.  He was in the Office of Naval Intelligence and had a Q clearance.



Bill Cooper Was Killed Shortly After Predicting 9/11 and Naming Osama bin Laden as Scapegoat

The Truth About William Cooper and His Death

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